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A Handy Guide to Fruit Decoration

Fruits are nutritious and delicious and can add a unique touch to your home decor. The vibrant and cooling colors of fruits and their revitalizing scents will fill your home with vitality. Fruit can add a fun, colorful and whimsical touch to any room in the house. Kitchens are a popular place to showcase a permanent fruit bowl or other fruit décor.

Fruit decor is a practical yet beautiful and unconventional way to decorate your space. You can embrace the natural aesthetics of fruit decor, going beyond the usual wall art and furniture styling. Fruit decorations can work equally as fine as a still painting in a wooden frame for the living room or a close-up of a bitten apple in an art deco frame for a bathroom adornment. An orchard full of fruit decoration ideas is available, ranging from colorful plastic pieces to those that are actually edible.

The popularity of fruit decor is rising because it allows us to subtly express our style and taste through a visual narrative. Fruit decoration isn’t old-fashioned; it’s just evolving by adapting to the latest decor designs. If you are looking for unique ways to create a homespun charm that brings out the cozy and inviting appeal of fruit decoration, read on.

1. Artwork

Fruit paintings, photographs and wallpaper are easy options for fruit decorations. Depending on the image and the frame, fruit photos and paintings can grace an austere hallway, with the close-up of a cherry framed in silver, to the frivolous foyer, with an apple orchard depicted in a large, clear poster frame.

Fruit wallpaper can range from busy red apple or cherry patterns to vintage pineapples toned down in dark gold, light brown and army green. Folks can also choose from a fine array of fruit themed place mats, throw rugs, sheets and bedding, as well as fruit lampshades, lamps and tablecloths.

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2. Figurines

Plastic, rubber and other realistic fruit figurines have been gracing homes for ages. There are many thesis about this historical fact. Some fruit figurines may try to appear as closely as possible to the real thing, featuring lifelike leaves, soft, rubber grapes and a textured outer coating on an orange.

Some of these figurines look so realistic that guests may try to eat them, or at least pinch them to see if they are real. Glass bead grapes and blown glass apples are another option. Still other fruit figurines can be adorned with silly faces or other features that ensure guests know they are not looking at the real thing.

3. Wood

Wooden bowls in the shape of fruit are another way to deck the home with fruity styles. Apples, a bunch of grapes, pineapples and bananas work best because of their telltale shapes, whereas an orange may simply resemble a circle.

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The wooden fruit-shape bowls can do double duty by serving as an actual bowl that holds fruit, giving a healthy snack a whimsical touch. The grape and apple bowls should have a stem at the top to make what it is obvious.

4. Ornaments

Fruit shapes make for unique and delicious-looking holiday ornaments in a number of ways. Red and green apples, in glass or another lightweight material, can be embellished with silver or gold trim and hooked on to a Christmas tree. The holiday colors are already apparent with the red and green.

Lightweight, hollow plastic fruit pieces can also be strung together with a clear thread to make fruit garland. This works especially well with smaller fruit, such as grapes and miniature apples or oranges. The garland can be embellished further by stringing colorful beads or sequins in between the pieces of fruit.

4. Edibles

A bowl of fruit salad can be transformed into delightful fruit décor for parties or a special meal. People can cut melon, pineapple and apple slabs into interesting shapes, such as stars, hearts, moons, suns and flowers. The pieces should be at least 1/2 inch thick and large enough to hold their shape. They can be arranged in a fancy glass bowl.

They may also be pierced through the bottom with a bamboo skewer and propped up in a small glass or vase at each place setting. Halved cherries and cut strawberry pieces work well as flower centers, eyes and other small embellishments secured on the main design with a toothpick.

5. Hanging Fruit Baskets

Suspending a fruit basket is a great idea, especially if you have limited space or love floating aesthetics. You can use several designs of suspended fruit baskets, such as hanging a stylish wire basket or a mesh produce bag from your kitchen ceiling. Hanging fruit baskets is a visually intriguing and practical concept of fruit decor.

6. Artistic Fruit Sculptures

You can break away from the traditional fruit bowl decoration by using artistic fruit-designed sculptures that double as fruit holders. You can be extra creative by using different materials for your fruit sculpture, such as rustic wood, glass domes, wrought iron, or ceramic. The material used for your fruit sculpture will bring out different vibes. For instance, ceramic brings a natural vibe, while rustic wood gives out that stylish vintage charm.

7. Fireplace Fruit Garland

The fireplace is an excellent spot to display your fruit decoration, especially on occasions such as Thanksgiving. For instance, you could make a fruit garland for the fireplace mantle using oranges, lemons, and fruit tree leaves. Placing a fruit bowl on the fireplace mantle is another excellent way to decorate your fireplace.

Bottom Line

Fruit decoration once again takes center stage in interior design. Besides creating a feeling of homeliness, fruit decor is a natural and eco-conscious way of decorating your space because your family will eventually consume the fruit. Finally, fruit decor shows a tremendous appreciation of nature and life.

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