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5 Office Gadgets To Improve Productivity

You spend most of your days in your workplace. It only makes sense to ensure that the place is as comfortable as it can get. This will help you be more productive. Thanks to technology, these days you can easily get gadgets that will make your workplace more organized, easy to work in and a fun place to stay for long hours.

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Every workplace is diverse. The different personalities that make up a workforce in the company are diverse. In every workplace, there is that cool person, that everybody wants to be associated with. Such people have ways around almost everything. They hardly get stuck in the middle of something. Why? They have all the appropriate gadgets in their workplace. These office gadgets can also help you be that awesome person?

1. Desktop calendar

A desktop calendar can simplify your life. It is one of the best office gadgets that can help you ease the stress and anxiety that is often associated with tracking your appointments even if they are few. Do not try to keep all the information in your head because that will not work.

2. Multiple computers

This is a cool way to manage your projects. Most people are satisfied with one computer but what they overlook is the ability to reduce employee productivity. While human beings lack the ability to multitask, if you offload these many tasks to multiple computers, you will be able to focus on one thing as they focus on the others.

You do not have to break banks to achieve this. Portable monitors can help you be more productive and avoid any frustrations that come with unfinished tasks.

If you are looking for an option that can satisfy all of your demand either for enhancing the efficiency in the office or entertaining while in the break, its time to have a look at these cool monitors with incredible features.

3. Light phone

This is just a simple phone that is barely the size of a business card. This phone is made to do only two things; send calls and receive calls. That’s it. It cannot text, connect to the internet and it does not have a camera. If you are addicted to your smartphone and you always find yourself on social media platforms or taking selfies, you need to focus.

Remember, such habits will make you less productive in your workplace and this is not a good thing. Get yourself a light phone and you will be good to go.

4. Desk monitor mount

If you use a computer monitor at your workplace, then it is high time you install a desktop monitor mount. There are several advantages associated with this move. First, a desktop monitor mount is easily adjustable, and this enables users to sit in front of a monitor comfortably and relax their bodies.

Ideally, your computer monitor should be approximately an arm’s length away from your eyes. The top should be slightly tilted away from you. You should not look up or down to face the computer monitor. This way, you will not have to deal with sore eyes, shoulder or/and neck pain.

Further, a desktop monitor mount saves space. It clears up all the clutter and frees up your desk or workspace since it is hanged up and off the desk. If you are working on a tiny space, you can consider a 3 monitor mount which will enable you to mount 3 monitors in one or two rows. This option will save more space.

5. Adjustable standing desk

Working while standing or sitting is a great way to discover your full potential. An adjustable desk will make you feel more comfortable. The result will mean making fewer mistakes and having higher productivity. If you are an employer, then you should think of investing the same sitting position to all your employees. EverDesk+ is an ergonomic office desk which not only ensure your spinal health but also improve productivity.


It is important to feel comfortable at your workplace. The above best gadgets for your office will assist you to make your workplace more productive. You do not have to feel sick every time you remember your workplace. Make it the best place you want to spend the better part of your day.

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