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Fitbit Sense Review – A Complete Guide

Fitbit has made a huge name for itself the market, thanks to its wide variety of smart wearable that provide excellent features and is equipped with advanced technology. FitBit Versa 3 is one of the most recent and popular wearables by the brand. FitBit Sense is considered to be the complete health tracking smartwatch that provides a complete set of features, including ECG tracking, stress management, skin temperature and much more!

Fitbit has a versatile product range, so it might get a little complicated in understanding where to start your search from. Here’s our Fitbit Sense review to enable you to make an informed decision:

The product series the brand has as of now:


Fitbit trackers include:

  • Inspire, Inspire 2, and Inspire 3
  • Charge 3 and Charge 4
  • Fitbit Ace
  • Fitbit Luxe


  • Fitbit AriaAir


Fitbit smartwatches include:

  • Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, and Versa 3
  • Fitbit Sense

Quick specs

  1. 1.58 inches display
  2. 336 x 336 resolution
  3. 45.9 grams weight
  4. Quick change straps
  5. 1 year limited warranty
  6. AMOLED Gorilla Glass 3 display
  7. Battery life of 6+ days
  8. 12 minutes fast charge for 1 day battery life
  9. Built-in Google Assistant
  10. Built-in Amazon Alexa
  11. Supported by FitBit app
  12. Compatible with FitBit pay


Fitbit Sense is available in two color options: a charcoal black (strap) and graphite stainless steel (dial) and a lunar white (strap) and soft gold stainless steel (dial) combination. The display measures 1.58 inches, so it is large enough and you won’t face any troubles in viewing the contents on the screen. The screen’s size is ideal for making the watch unisex.

review of fitbit sense

It is also equipped with changeable straps, so you can buy extra Fitbit sense straps and customize your look. The dial has a sleek rounded bezel that gives it a very luxurious look and feel. There is a home button on the bezel. It is equipped with a wrist-raise feature that turns on the screen as you hold up your hand.

Features and functions

Fitbit has added so many features and functions to the Sense smartwatch. It’s particularly known for its health tracking features more than the entertainment aspect. Starting from the basics, the watch has all the premium features, including compatibility with the Fitbit Pay app that lets you go cashless and pay anywhere easily and quickly. It also has built-in voice assistant technology that you can integrate with your smartphone. You won’t need an external Alexa device and can start setting up the built-in Alexa immediately.

Not only this, but the smartwatch also comes with a mobile app that allows you to monitor your health and activity more closely. Coming on to the health features of the watch, you will be pleased to know that it is equipped with features like ECG, heart health monitoring, sleep monitoring, SpO2 levels, and stress management features.

You can use the watch for stress management, thanks to its EDA scan app that monitors your body’s reactions and activity towards stress. The app will monitor your behavior in stress, which you can later use as insightful data on how well or poorly you are managing your stress and how you can improve. It also gives you a stress management score that you can keep for further assisting your health.

The ECG app works similarly to monitor how your heart is working, and gives you results and patterns to help keep you a detailed track.

Skin temperature wrist-sensor monitors changes and unusual patterns every night and give you a thorough understanding of how your body trends are changing.

People can also use the watch for monitoring their menstrual cycles. The menstrual tracking feature will help you plan your days ahead, keep track of your cycle is changing, monitor fertility windows and much more.

Last but not the least is the watch’s sleep monitoring functionality. You can use its smart wake alarm feature, so you don’t wake up abruptly from your sleep. Plus, it monitors REM and deep sleep stages and keeps track of your sleeping patterns for better sleep management.


Buying directly from Fitbit will cost you $299.95, with a standard shipping rate of $5.55. You can also add a 2 -year protection plan to your purchase, but it will cost you an extra $60.

fitbit sense


Can I use my Fitbit sense without internet?

You must be equipped with a cheap home internet to sync all your data with your phone. Fitbit claims that it can save data for up to 6 days without the internet. But that is not recommended as data can be lost any second.

Does Fitbit require a phone to be connected?

Yes, you need a tablet, phone or any such device to be connected to your Fitbit for data sync and account set up.

Will Fitbit sense track my activity without Bluetooth and Wi-Fi?

It can track your activity and health such as your steps, number of stairs climbed, heartbeat, skin temperature and much more. This is because the sensors and monitors are installed in the watch and will work regardless of a connection to the phone. However, the watch might not be able to sync the data as long as it’s not connected.

Can I wear my Fitbit Sense while sleeping?

The sleep monitoring feature will in fact perform to its fullest potential only if you wear it to sleep. These advanced technology fitness trackers are actually designed to be safe and healthy while wearing them for sleep. If you have a subscription to an internet plan from buytvinternetphone, then this data will be instantly synced with your phone/tablet, so you can review it the next day for better sleep management.

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