List of solo hunting gear

Solo Hunter Gear You Need to Have On a Hunting Trip

It’s a lot of fun and adventure going on a solo hunting trip. However, you must have all the solo hunting gear needed to ensure a safe and smooth hunting trip. This article will look at some hunting gear needed for a solo hunting trip.

Essential solo hunting gear for your hunting trip

1. Hunting Packs

Hunting packs are definitely a must if you intend to make a good kill on your trip. They are built to carry more load as opposed to normal backpacks. The size of the hunting pack is dependent on the duration of your hunting trip.

However, getting a large hunting pack of about 3,000 cubic inches is advisable. They come ready with a heavy-duty frame and are very snug and comfortable to use instead of normal backpacks that could cause pain or injury.

2. Hunting clothes

This includes your blaze orange and camo clothing. However, you would require extra layers of cloth wing to keep you well clothed, especially in extreme weather conditions. Some other clothing items you may require include; base layer top, underwear bottoms, insulating clothes, waterproof clothes, down jacket, gloves, hat, and ensure to get the best hunting pants too.

It is better to opt for wool and other synthetic fabrics for hunting clothes. If you’re a female hunter, you might want to look out for the best women’s insulated hunting boots to keep your feet warm and protected.

3. Sleeping Gear

You will need a sleeping bag, and it’s best to get one about 10 degrees colder than the expected temperature of the environment. A bed liner is also essential as they are useful for raising the temperature inside your sleeping bag. A waterproof sleeping pad is not a bad idea, especially in chilly weather.


A one-person camping tent for shelter is also very essential, and it’s much lighter than a bigger tent.

4. Food and cooking utensils

When going on a solo hunting trip, many cooking utensils are not necessary, a single pot and a utensil with a long handle like a spork. You can fit your stove and small gas can inside the cooking pot to conserve space. However, liquid fuel is a better option for these situations.

Good with high calories of about 3,000 – 6,000 is a better option for these kinds of trips. You would need high-energy foods and snacks like protein bars and nuts. Instant meals are also preferable as they’re easy to prepare and will be done in no time.

5. Water

When going on a solo hunting trip, it’s important that you remain hydrated. Water is even more important than food in such situations. Ensure you have enough water to get you to a clean water source, and don’t forget to refill.

List of solo hunting gear

6. Navigation tools

You don’t want to get missing or go off the trail, which is why navigation tools are important. Go along with your GPS, compass, and even hard copy map of the hunting area.

7. Basic safety and first aid gear

It is important to go along with extra safety and first aid gear, just in case you might need them. Some include extra batteries and flashlights, satellite messenger, duct tape, trash bag, chapstick, toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.), cellphone, first aid kit, paracord, and sunscreen. Don’t forget a can of bug spray or bear spray, if you’re hunting a bear prone area.

If you are a beginner basketball player and don’t have enough budget to spend on your hunting shoes, you can use high traction basketball shoes for hunting purposes but that shoes should be a high top. The other sports shoes can be used for hunting purposes such as tennis shoes or badminton shoes but not all tennis and badminton shoes range used for this purpose.

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