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3 Easy Steps to Perform a Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Carpets play a significant role in adding a look of class and sophistication to your house. There is no better feeling than the softness of carpets on your feet while walking inside your home. However, there is a downside. Some carpets can be very delicate and prone to damage very easily. It gets all the more exemplified when the carpet is in an area of heavy foot traffic. Pets do aggravate the problem even more.

This is because even though humans can somehow control their actions more often than not, it is very difficult to expect an animal to be so vigilant all the time. Your dogs and cats are going to have accidents on the carpet some time or the other. Does that mean that carpets and pets don’t go hand in hand? The answer is yes, they do. You have to be a little more particular about the kind of carpet cleaner you use and the way you train your pets, and your carpets will be just fine.

Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Having pets at home

If you ask anyone with pets at home about how they feel about them, most of them will answer that their pets are like a family member to them. In fact, the relationship between pet animals and humans is forged in love and care, and there is very little that can separate them. Like you have the freedom to roam anywhere in the house, so does your pet. Have a look at this interesting guide on eco-friendly pet parenthood.

What is the consequence, though? They end up spending a lot of time on the carpets, either walking and lying down. Some carpets catch on to dust very easily. Your pet can be a good source of it, especially when they head out and come back in the house without cleaning their paws.

Pets might even accidentally pee or defecate on the carpet. A good carpet cleaner, which is pet-friendly, can act as a boon in this situation. You should be very careful when choosing the cleaning agent, though. There are actually many products which can be harmful to humans itself, even more so for your furry friends. Therefore, you should be very cautious that it does not have any detrimental effect on their health. Once that is done, the next thing to consider is the easy way to clean your carpet in case a mishap happens.

How to clean your carpet in a pet-friendly manner

The things to keep in mind while cleaning your carpet in a way that is safe for your pets are:

1. Use a pet-safe spray carpet cleaner

If you are looking for carpet cleaners, the truth is, you will be spoilt for choice. However, getting one that is safe for your pet is a little difficult. Read the labels carefully. If it says that you should keep your pet away for a considerable amount of time after using it, it is definitely off the list.

Secondly, the ingredient list should not contain chlorine or ammonia, as it has the potential to cause irritation. The best bet would be to buy your product from a pet store itself. It is bound to be safe that way. Check out Deebot Pet Vacuum Cleaner to remove pet hairs from all corners of your home.

2. Use a pet urine remover

In case your pet has one of those bad days and accidentally urinates on your carpet, you should act immediately by using a pet urine remover. You can use home ingredients like baking soda and vinegar. Put it in the affected area and let it dry for some time.

Once it is done, vacuum that area vehemently. It not only makes your carpet clean but also deodorizes the carpet from the smell of the urine effectively.

3. Sanitize your carpets

Since you will be sharing the same space with your pets, it is probably a good idea to sanitize your carpets. The best way to do so is to mix a little bit of vinegar with water and sprinkle it on the carpet. Let the mixture permeate properly and then steam clean it.

Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaner

The best part about this method of sanitization is that it is completely safe with 99% antibacterial property. It is particularly recommended if you have kids at home as they can be quite sensitive too.

Hire a professional carpet cleaner

Did all the procedures sound too cumbersome to you? The good news is that there are professional companies that will do the same work for you at an affordable rate. Carpet cleaning is a good business and has a lot of takers. You can find many of them in most of the big places.

Now that you are aware of the steps to take if you want to have a clean carpet with pets at home, it is one less headache you have to worry about.

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