5 Tips to Sparkling Clean Floors in Hotels

Everyone expects the premises of the hotels to be spotless. They need proper spic and span cleaning. The hotel owners are often at a loss when it comes to maintaining their flooring. Hotels are a high traffic area. That is why hotel owners often find it difficult to keep the premises entirely clean.

While different surfaces require a different type of cleaning techniques but when it comes to flooring, here are a few tips from the cleaning specialists at bestvacuumexpert which every hotelier can follow.

1. Vacuum a lot

Hoteliers have an advantage. They can hire staff to keep the premises always clean. One of the main tasks which a hotelier needs to do is to get the employees to vacuum a lot. Frequent vacuuming clears all the dust and contaminants irrespective of the traffic. Vacuuming can keep even a high traffic area, like a hotel floor, squeaky clean.


Hoteliers often need to opt for commercial-grade vacuum cleaners. It is a good idea to search according to the type of flooring in the hotel. The choice of the vacuum cleaner depends on the flooring of the hotel. There are the best vacuum for hardwood floors and also vacuum cleaners which are suitable for concrete floors. The choice of the floor cleaner will always change according to the flooring option.

2. Create a floor cleaner

The problem with regular cleaners is that they are not strong enough for high traffic areas like hotels with guests coming in and bell carts moving around regularly. If they are not able to cleanse the flooring, the dirt and contaminants will convert into stains. It will be tough to keep the hotel floor sparkling clean after that. That is why; it is a better idea to create a floor cleaner. While this might sound pretty complicated but it is not so.

The best way is to put two teabags in 1 L of hot water. Tea will remove the stain, dirt and other contaminants. The other option is to add Apple Cider vinegar (half cup) to 4 L of water. The use of the floor cleaner also determines the efficiency of cleaning.

cleaning while babysitting

The floor cleaner should not get in touch with the floor cleaner directly by itself. It is a good practice to use a mop or a damp cloth to apply the floor cleaner to the floor. As a hotel owner, the incentives are great to prepare the right solution to clean the floor. The ambiance of the hotel has a direct impact on the earnings of the hotel.

3. Use a rug

The best way for the hoteliers to keep the floor sparkling clean is to use a rug or carpet. Cleaning the carpet or rug is much easier. The economical option will be to use multiple rugs. Rugs are less difficult to clean. As a result, the hotel floor will remain protected.

The rug also adds flair to the entire ambiance. It will insulate the patrons from the floor. The advantages of the rugs are plenty. Moreover, rugs come in all shapes and sizes. The hoteliers can easily choose the rugs as per the decor of their hotels. That is why; the simplest way to keep the floors sparkling clean is to use the rugs.

4. Scrub it

Hard floor options like concrete require scrubbing. The advantage of scrubbing is that it will even remove the stubborn and harsher stains. It is essential to use a soft brush rather than a hard brush when it comes to scrubbing.

Metallic brushes are only suitable for cleaning rust or cement stains. For rest of the stains and contaminants, soft brushes are good enough. It is an excellent idea to wash the floor after scrubbing. The scrubbing and washing procedure will make the flooring spotless and clean once again.

5. Deal with the stains

Hoteliers need to deal with spillovers as well as dust and contaminants right away. It is common for the guests to spill over drinks and drop food on the floor. The problem is that the stain becomes more stubborn over time.

The hoteliers need to deal with the stains and spillovers right away. It will eliminate the probability of the stains becoming stubborn. The advantage here is that most of the hotels have dedicated cleaning staff. That is why; it is not difficult for them to deal with these problems.

Final Words

In spite of hotels being high traffic premises, it is possible to keep the floors sparkling clean. The above few tips which we have highlighted are highly useful. The above tips ensure that the hotel floors in spite of the high traffic can be kept sparkling clean at all times.

Salman Zafar

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