management of hotel waste

5 Tips for Efficient Hotel Waste Management

The hotel industry is one of the business niches that generate the most waste around the world. It certainly makes sense from an operational point of view since guests tend to spend resources and hotels need to keep their spaces as clean as they can 24 hours a day, all week. While this was considered inconsequential in the past, the ongoing advancement of corporate green initiatives as well as the increasing development of green technologies has made the matter unavoidable to the industry. When it comes to waste management, having an expert by your side is always the best option. By hiring dumpster rentals, you can assure the wastes will be disposed of safely and legally, making sure the process is as convenient as possible for you.

management of hotel waste

Most of the measures taken by lodging operators and property management teams are primarily centered on the modification of certain habits of their employees. They are also pursuing micro-investments to change the way to provide certain services.

To get a better understanding of how to effectively dispose waste in a hotel, you need to know some of these tips to save money on some resources.

Reshape Operational Habits

The day to day operation of your hotel is the testing ground where you’ll be able to manage how much waste your business produces. You can change small things to avoid creating more waste such as using refillable dispensers for cleaning products in every room.

Using china and dishware to serve meals instead of disposable plates, setting water filters on every floor instead of selling bottled water, avoid paper products outside of toilet paper on the bathrooms, and using LED lights instead of regular bulbs.

Classification and Quantification

In the past hotels used to deposit their waste in big dumpsters and they were done with it after it was taken away by their waste disposal service. These days hotels are encouraged to follow basic recycling principles.

You can hire temporary assistance to help with the classification and quantification process, or you can train your cleaning personnel to dispose of every piece of waste on specific containers.

Manage Classification of Waste Properly

Out of the previous step, classification of waste is probably one of the most important steps needing proper management. The recycling principles are focused on the preventive measures, minimizing waste, reusing what is still usable, recovery of useful material and disposal of actual waste.

hotel trash
Food waste is the largest waste stream in a hotel

Each step should be learned by all the employees of your luxury hotel to enforce them as policy and avoid needless use of resources. The investment will prove to be sound and useful in the long run saving your operation a lot of money and wasted materials.

Relearn Disposal Habits

In the past waste disposal was handled by sending the generated waste to landfills either to be incinerated or compacted by garbage disposal companies. These days you can do your part of managing at least some part of the process on your end.

You can invest in food composters to manage the waste generated by leftover food. If your business generates too many solid wastes, you can get a compactor and make the food waste disposal in hotel more cost-efficient by having your garbage collector come fewer times a week. The used cooking oil can be recycled into biodiesel, animal feed and many other beneficial products.

Make Waste Disposal Profitable

Not many hotel managers or business owners know about this, but they can turn a profit by selling their generated waste in they follow the basic rules to recycle certain types of material such as plastic containers, paper, or cardboard.

By contacting local companies that use these types of waste to work with you can solve part of the problem. If you manage to make it a sustainable model, the training offered to your employees to manage waste will pay off even quicker than you expect.


Waste disposal has become an opportunity rather than a nuance for the hotel industry. If you put your mind to it and work out the logistics to make it happen, you will be able to get some profit out of it.

Salman Zafar

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  1. I’m glad you informed us that the recycling principles in proper waste management focus on preventive measures, the minimization of waste, and the recovery of useful materials to ensure proper waste disposal. I’ll be running a hotel for business soon, so I need to figure out a proper waste management plan for the building. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for specialists to contact for green waste solutions soon.

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