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Top Carpet Cleaning Methods Available For Use

While you might be spoilt for choice when you are looking for a home carpet cleaner company for your home or business, it is necessary that you know the various types of carpet cleaning methods that various companies utilize in their cleaning services. Not all the methods might work for your type of carpet and thus, need to take precautions before choosing.

The following are the top carpet cleaning methods available for use:

Hot water extraction cleaning

In most instances, it is normally referred to as steam carpet cleaning. It uses hot water which is high pressured to agitate the fiber of the carpet, which then dissolves the dirt which is on the carpet.

This method involves the application of an agent for cleaning on the surface which is soiled, the carpet agitation is using a brush, and then rinsing follows. After the agent for cleaning settles in the carpet for some time, the carpet is then washed using the equipment for cleaning carpet to rinse the agent for cleaning thoroughly.

It is then left to dry in an air-conditioned temperature or in the room. If your office or house carpet is about 3000ft, then it will take about 2 hours to clean it using this method, and four hours for it to dry.

Companies for cleaning will advise that you clean the carpet late in the afternoon so that, once it is done, it can be left to dry overnight and in the morning, you can resume the office or house operations as normal.


It uses synthetic detergents as a base which then crystallizes into a powder when it dries. Dirt particles that are loosened in the fiber of the carpet will then encapsulate into powder form when the cleaning foam is applied and dries and finally, it is brushed or vacuumed when the foam dries after cleaning.

The technique has overtaken the carpet shampooing technology due to the fact that less water is used during the cleaning process which results in time for drying being shorter as compared to carpet shampooing.

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The encapsulated foam technique is liked by people who are eager to use products that are environmentally friendly as there is less residue for chemicals that are left behind after the cleaning is done as compared to carpet shampooing.

Though the encapsulation of the carpet gives out good results, it doesn’t clean out thoroughly carpets which are highly soiled due to the technology’s limitation.

Carpet shampooing

This was a popular method before the 1970s, but it has resurfaced again. Though it might have the advantage of cleaning a carpet that is heavily soiled, the technology has its own disadvantage of leaving behind a lot of wet foam residue inside the carpet which takes a lot of time to dry.

It then becomes sticky after it dries due to the fact that, after the shampooing is done, no rinsing happens and thus, the carpet re-soils easily. This is what makes the method to be less popular with most people.

Dry carpet cleaning

Compound or dry carpet cleaning is one of the modern carpet cleaning technology currently available, gaining popularity and approvals by cleaning companies due to its cleaning performance which tends to be effective and convenient as there is no need for drying time.

Since its invention in the 1980s, there are a variety of compounds or powders for cleaning that have been developed. Compared to wet cleaning methods, this dry cleaning technology might be doubted by those who have been used to the wet methods, questioning its effectiveness.

The dry carpet cleaning highlight is the application of cleaning powder or compound into the bottom part of the carpet by use of brush which is motorized and rotating to ensure that the carpet fiber is opened and allows the compound to settle into the carpet, resulting in a deep carpet cleaning.

It is a compound that is made from biodegradable materials that work like micro sponges that absorb dirt which is dissolved from the carpet and can be thoroughly removed at the end of the process of cleaning.

Different equipment for carpet cleaning, have developed different powders or compounds by different manufacturers to customize and formulate their equipment function and design. Cleaning carpet using this method is very safe when it comes to carpet types and approved for commercial purposes that require 24/7 operations in the office.

Bonnet cleaning

It is a method for cleaning carpets which produces good surface cleaning. The process involves cleaning the top of the carpet fiber with the use of a motorized machine which is heavy duty with a spinning pad that has been immersed with a solution for cleaning to absorb dirt from the carpet surface.

It is normally used in hotels as it gives quick fixes to clean carpet in places with heavy traffic like public areas which require cleaning without much moisture and can dry instantly.

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