The Pros and Cons to Dog GPS Trackers

The Pros and Cons to Dog GPS Trackers

Losing an animal friend is every dog owner’s nightmare. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you can imagine. Research shows that about 1.2 million dogs get lost each year. So, keeping your dog safe is your responsibility. Most dog owners have a microchip or ID tag implanted on their pets. However, this may not be enough to ensure the security of their furry friends. A stranger may pick your pet, and the information on the microchip is only helpful if your pet is brought to a shelter or veterinarian. As such, you might want to invest in a GPS tracker. Read on to discover the pros and cons of dog GPS trackers.


Here are three benefits of investing in a dog GPS tracker.

1. Safe Outdoor Exploring

Every dog wants to run around and be outside off-leash. Most dog owners want their pets to run around the backyard and explore the neighborhood without constantly watching over them or worrying about their whereabouts. Instead of investing in a fence, consider buying a GPS tracker. The tracker will give you peace of mind since you will know where your pet is every time.

Most GPS dog trackers can set up a geofence around your backyard or neighborhood. You will receive notifications when your pet ventures outside the designated area. Some devices also come with tones or vibrations to train dogs in the geofence areas.

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2. Understand Your Pet

Dog GPS trackers also allow you to know where your pet goes and what they do. The GPS tracker will provide you with a travel path of all the places your dog frequents. Some trackers will also tell you about your dog’s fitness and activity level, helping you keep your pet healthy and happy.

3. Trace Your Pet

The vital advantage of having a dog GPS tracker is finding your dog if they do not come home. A dog GPS tracker provides the actual real time location of your pet. So, if your pet has been gone for too long and you feel concerned, you can rest assured because all you have to do is check the GPS and you can see where your pup has gone and find them easily. Some trackers also have QR codes that display contact information if a stranger finds your dog. Other devices can even guide your dog home through a recorded voice command or beeping in the device.


Here are some cons of dog GPS trackers.

1. Battery Failure

Relying on GPS technology can cause problems if the device suffers battery failure. You can lose your pet if the battery power runs out and you do not know where to find your dog.

2. Signal Issues

GPS technology relies on receiving signals from at least four satellites. If it fails to connect to all four satellites, the positioning will be inaccurate. Obstacles like high walls, trees, and skyscrapers can obstruct a signal. Extreme weather conditions like storms can also cause problems.

The Pros and Cons to Dog GPS Trackers

3. Expensive

Dog GPS trackers are relatively more expensive than ID tags, and some require a monthly subscription. GPS devices can also be lost since you attach them to your dog’s collar.

Bottom Line

These are a few cons and pros of dog GPS trackers. However, the pros outweigh the cons, making it ideal to have a GPS tracker for your dog. Please check out the pampered pup to review the best dog GPS trackers in 2021.

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