Things You Should Know About Wireless Fence For Large Dogs

Wireless pet fence has gained tremendous popularity among the pet owners over recent years. With a wireless pet fence, you can create a large area for your dog to enjoy without having to worry about its safety.

The best wireless fences come with a high-quality electronic transmitter that sends a radio signal via a boundary wire. This wire is buried into the ground, and your dog wears a receiver collar that identifies the radio signal. As soon as your dog comes near the boundary, the pet collar gives a warning tone. And if the pet continues to proceed further, the collar exudes a safe and static correction that signals the dog to stay inside the boundaries. It is not at all harmful for your pet; rather, it is a tingle to grab the attention of your pet.

How Much Area You Need to Install the Fence?

Once you have invested in the best wireless fence for large dogs, you have to decide the area that the fence will cover. A normal wireless fence comes with a transmitted that support area of up to 5 acres and include a boundary wire of 500 feet. If you want even larger area, then you can invest in wire expansion kits that will provide you with an additional 25 acres along with powerful transmitters.

How to Set a Wireless Pet Fence?

The transmitter that comes with a fence is installed inside the house where the temperature remains below freezing. Make sure you install the transmitter close to an AC outlet to get the ideal environment for it. Moreover, the boundary wire would be attached to the transmitter and will form a circuit across the boundary area.

You will have to place the wire an inch under the ground. If you are boundary is small, you can work well with a flat-edged spade. However, for a larger boundary, you will need a trencher or gas-powered edger. You can find the essential tool at any rental outlets.

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The receiver collar that your dog will be wearing should be checked probably. These collars come with different variations to match different kinds of dog and their temperaments. If your dog is well-behaved, then a slim design collar would do the job; however, if it is stubborn, then you would probably need a collar that has greater correction intensity.

Once you have installed the best wireless fence for your large dog, you must train your pooch for space. Your pet might not warm up to the idea of this fence, so spend a little time every day to train it. Regular training would help it understand the concept of electric fence and get familiar with the boundaries.

One of the ways to train your dog is putting boundary flags and leading your dog with a leash as soon as it approaches the flag to allow it to hear the first warning from the collar and pull back. Continue the same process for a couple of days, and your pet will begin to get the idea of the fence soon.

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