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How To Keep Your Cat Litter Box Odorless

One aspect of having a cat is abhorred by many and that is dealing with cleaning cat litter boxes. Well, self-cleaning and automatic litter boxes have made our life easier but not 100 percent. There has been some manual work included in cleaning them no matter what. If not cleaned properly, cat litter boxes stink and that sounds so gross. In this article, I’m going to give you some tips to keep your cat’s litter box odorless.

The Type of Cat Litter

Cat litter is marketed the way that they can solve cat litter problems including the odor. Well, some litters are actually good at locking order by absorbing liquid waste of your kitty. But, there’s a caveat. Scented litters are no good. Scented type litters can mask the odor efficiently but it doesn’t solve the problem which causes it to stink in the first place.



Cats do not prefer to use dirty litter boxes. They clean themselves so much and like their things clean as well. You may be relieved of the litter odor when you use scented litter but your cat will be stressful using it. Moreover, cats have a strong sense of smelling and scents in litter can be problematic for your cat and can become of the reasons for cat litter problems. Also, a dirty litter box is a dirty litter box after all.

So, when it comes to choosing cat litter, you can read reviews online and go with the best litter for most cats. Avoid using scented litters and using the right cat litter are the first steps to keep the litter box hygienic and odorless.

Scoop The Poop Box Everyday

Cat litter boxes stink because it is not cleaned properly and regularly. The key to keep litter box odor-free is to clean it every day. Scoop out the waste from the litter box at a fixed time every day and make sure there is no fecal matter remain in the box.

Wash Litter Boxes

Scooping regularly definitely will keep the litter box clean but you need to wash a litter box thoroughly using unscented soaps and deodorizers like baking soda each week. Using scented detergent or soap can bother your cat and may lead to another litter problems. All in all, washing poop boxes thouroughly will wash all the tiny particles stuck on the walls of the box and make it clean and eliminate odor.

Odorless Pet Litter Box

Keep the Area Well Ventilated

Placing litter boxes at socially important places is important. Cats are highly territorial. And, for example, putting them in a less important area like in your garage under your car may induce stress in them. So, it is not always the best to put the litter box in a well-ventilated area and not so socially important place. Rather you should try to make the area well-ventilated where you’ve placed the litter box.

Use Enough Litter Boxes

Many new cat parents make the mistake of not using enough litter boxes in their house. A general rule of deciding the no. of litter boxes is no. of cats you have plus one. For instance, if you have one cat, you will need two litter boxes, if you have three cats, you will need four of them and so on.

Using multiple litter boxes will make your cats less stressful and also will keep the litter boxes cleaner.

Replace Litter Boxes

It’s a natural behavior of cats to dig and cover their feces with dirt. And they will do the same in the litter boxes. This behavior over time results in scratches on the surface of the litter box because of their paw scratches.

These crevices and scratches are hard to sanitize and clean. Minute excreta particles get trapped inside them and become the reason behind cat litter odor. Generally, it is advised to replace litter boxes every year.

Maintain Litter Quantity in the Boxes

Sometimes less amount of cat litter than required in the poop box causes the odor problem. Scooping and cleaning litter boxes reduce litter level and it should be replenished regularly. In a nutshell, you are supposed to keep a close eye on the litter level also.


I hope all the steps I have mentioned here will help you to eliminate cat odor from your house. Neither you nor your cat like a dirty litter box so it is always better to clean it properly instead of masking the odor using spray scents, scent vapors, or scented litter.

Moreover, cats’ higher smelling ability can make this worse for your feline buddy. A smelling litter box is one of the causes of litter box problems. That said, you can make everything right just by keeping poop boxes clean. Hit the comment section below if you have to share your experience with our beloved readers.

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