friendship with cat

5 Secrets On Making Your Cat To Like You

Cats are one of the popular animals to pet because of their adorable-furry appearance and relatively kids-friendly. However, everyone knows that it’s harder to become close and cuddly with a cat than a dog. In order to gain trust of your feline pet, the process will take some time, efforts, and patience. Fortunately with the right approach, your cat can become very bonded to people. Here are some tips and strategies on how to make your cat get comfortable around you.

1. Let The Cat Approach You

The first rule when making friends with a cat is to do everything on their terms. Let the cat make their first move by approaching you. Do not initiate or force your affection on them by petting them abruptly. Maybe it will take longer, but you can try to focus on something else while waiting. You should play hard to get by pretending to watch some TV shows or read your book.

friendship with cat

Once they come closer, slowly blink your eyes then let the cat sniff you. By doing this, they are investigating if you are not a threat to the cat. You can begin to gently pet your cat’s head while sitting on the floor.

2. Play With The Cat

Engage with your cats by having a playing session with them. You can start wiggling a simple toy like a wand or a string with a feather attached at the end of it to release their predatory instinct and stimulate their energy. This activity will also keep them fit, active, and have some fun quality time with you.


3. Feed The Cat

Feeding the cat can also be a great opportunity to get closer with them. They will realise that one person who has been so generously preparing their foods everyday. Eventually this action will lure their passive-aggressive behavior and get themself to stick with you evenmore.

Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with bribing your cats with some mouth-watering treats once in a while so that they feel rewarded and loved. You can give them a reward after a good behavior, positive social interaction, or playing session. Try this Japanese popular cat treats brand; Pet Village Catnip Cookie With Tuna Flavour. An absolute favorite!

4. Avoid Touching Some Sensitive Spots

Cats are very sensitive creatures when it comes to touch. Thus, you need to pay attention to the cat’s reaction and vocal language when petting them. Recognize when they demonstrate green-light or show some encouraging behavior, such as rolling their body to show you the tummy. However, try to resist the urge to touch their tummy as they may unleash their claws out.

Sometimes, you can just stroke their forehead area, cheeks, or chin to show your appreciation towards their rolling gesture. Gradually learn on where and how your cat likes to be petted since each cat has different preferences.



Cats will show their positive responses in certain ways like purring, blinking, and kneading their paws. Their negative reaction if a cat doesn’t like you will be showcased by certain behaviour like hissing, biting, flattening their ears, swatting, or swishing and twitching their tails.

5. Give The Cat A Safe Place

When owning cats, be sure to provide a safe place in your house for them to rest and get cozy. This place will also be where they can go and retreat if they feel tired, overwhelmed, frightened, or need a break. Don’t remove the cat from its resting area as they may feel annoyed.

You don’t need to set a separate room as your cat’s safe place. It could be a cardboard box placed somewhere quiet. You can also add some blankets for extra coziness.

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