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6 Common Causes of Truck Accidents in the US

All vehicle crashes are terrible, but trucks are undoubtedly scary due to their immense size. In fact, their accidents are more likely to result in death or serious injury because of it. So, what we can we do to reduce this? Well, the first step is figuring out why they are happening.

In this article, we are going to take a look at six of the most common causes of truck accidents in the US. Let’s get started!

1. Driver Fatigue

Without a doubt, fatigue is certainly one of the leading causes of truck accidents in the US. Drivers are on the road for very long times, and although there are laws to restrict hours, they aren’t always followed. Without having quality sleep, drivers can lose concentration, react slowly and may even fall asleep at the wheel.


2. Speeding

Although there are many limits and road laws in place, speeding still remains a top cause of vehicle accidents. For truck drivers, it generally is the result of trying to meet a deadline or misjudging the road conditions. This then leads to crashes, a lot of which occur at intersections and during overtaking.

3. Lack of Training

Driving a commercial vehicle is no easy task and requires a lot of training. There is a lot more to it than simply moving from point A to point B. You need to learn how to maneuver the vehicle, handle certain conditions and identify hazards around you. However, many companies ignore these requirements and put new drivers on the road without the correct experience.

4. Poor Weather Conditions

You probably know how difficult it can be to drive a small car in rain, snow, and hail. So, you should be able to imagine how challenging it is a commercial vehicle. Poor weather conditions mixed with the lack of training we discussed above can lead to some of the most severe accidents every year. This is why it’s essential to maintain your vehicle and drive safely, especially in the colder months. You can learn more about preparing your truck for winter here.


5. Truck Maintenance

Just like regular cars, trucks also require a lot of care to keep them road-worthy. Certain checks need to be done before deliveries can be made, including checking the security of a load. However, all of this work takes time, which cuts into the profit a company can potentially make. This leads to many poorly maintained trucks still be present out on the road. Here are a few common issues that can cause accidents:

  • Malfunctioning breaks
  • Bald tires and blowouts
  • Overloaded cargo
  • Brake fluid leaks

6. Distracted Driving

Driving for long periods of time can get boring, and that feeling is no different for truck drivers. However, this boredom can lead to distractions that cause severe accidents. Eating, texting, daydreaming, reaching for items, and holding a full bladder are just a few examples of things that may take your concentration away from the road.

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