How to Trim Cat Nails

how to trim cat's nails

The thought of clipping your cat’s nails is enough to raise your blood pressure. But the nail trimming is required to keep you, your family, and your furniture protective. Nail trimming is a difficult task and most of time it ends up with a scratched and bloody owner and a frightened cat. A cat’s nails […]

5 Secrets On Making Your Cat To Like You

friendship with cat

Cats are one of the popular animals to pet because of their adorable-furry appearance and relatively kids-friendly. However, everyone knows that it’s harder to become close and cuddly with a cat than a dog. In order to gain trust of your feline pet, the process will take some time, efforts, and patience. Fortunately with the […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Automatic Litter Box


An automatic litter box keeps your home looking clean and maintains high levels of hygiene. Although they are bit different and some are a bit costly, getting an automatic self-cleaning litter box is quite beneficial. Apart from being convenient, an automatic litter box is a great addition to your home. Here are three reasons why […]