Popular Hairstyles for Damaged Hair

Has your hair lost its shine? Does it feel limp and weak? These are unmistakable signs of dealing with damaged hair, which also manifests with dryness, split ends, lack of elasticity, texture change, breakage, etc.

Follicles are susceptible to deterioration due to a low-nutrition diet, stress, dryness, over-washing, high heat, inadequate towel drying, hypothyroidism, and eating disorders. Women are advised to be attentive in the choice of hairstyles so as not to enhance the process of deterioration even further. Fortunately, there are numerous hairstyles for damaged hair, which camouflage the damage while providing an elegant look.

Learn more about the causes of such damage and the best hairstyles to hide it.

Causes of Damaged Hair

Hair breakage is prevalent in women, triggered by a wide range of causes. The hair cuticle consists of dead cells that overlap in multiple layers, thus forming scales. Once these scales start falling apart, your strands are no longer kept together, which eventually results in damage like dryness and frizz.

Stress is one of the leading causes of hair damage, stopping the growth cycle and making the follicles stagnant. It not only induces damage but leads to alopecia as well. Your diet also has a major influence on the health of your hair, especially when it comes to the lack of nutrients. In order to keep it healthy, you’re supposed to consume a sufficient amount of iron, zinc, folic acid, proteins, and antioxidants.

Moreover, dryness is another reason why your hair might seem lifeless. It can be induced by dry weather, excessive heat, and low humidity. Therefore, when having a bath, make sure not to use shampoo on your dry ends, only the scalp to prevent the ends from getting even dryer.

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High heat is a common cause of damaged strands, happening whenever women use a hairdryer, curling iron, or flat iron. When the cuticles are exposed to extreme temperatures, the damage is unavoidable. These styling tools should be used properly and avoided at least once a week. Cuticles also break down when women opt for treatments like professional straightening, perms, and coloring. Go to this page to have a look at different types of perms.

In addition, over-washing and improper towel drying are considered some of the main culprits for hair breakage. Daily washing isn’t recommended, as the shampoo has a tendency to eliminate the oils produced by the scalp and leave the scalp dry. Also, using a rubbing motion to dry your hair after having a bath is considered wrong, as the strands are most vulnerable when wet.

Sometimes, damaged hair might be induced by a medical condition like hypothyroidism, referring to the insufficient production of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland. If suffering from such a health problem, you’ll also be noticing other symptoms, including lack of energy, depression, weight gain, etc. Some eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia nervosa are capable of depriving the follicles of the necessary nutrients, hence putting an end to the growing cycle.

What hairstyles are popular for damaged hair?

Women coping with dry ends and damaged strands should be careful when choosing hairstyles in order to prevent further deterioration of the follicles. For instance, the wet look style is ideal for females looking to hide their dry ends. All you need to do is slick your hair back with gel and do a deep side part. Make sure the gel contains no alcohol to prevent further deterioration.

If you are interested in a complete change of hairstyle, why not try the blunt bob. This chic hairstyle cuts the most damaged strands and provides surprising fullness. It gets rid of the split ends, which are responsible for the lifeless look. In order to minimize frizz, try using a smoothening serum. The following link, https://www.byrdie.com/blunt-bobs-5069927, represents different blunt cut bobs that might inspire you to make the cut.

Another hairstyle for women who are bold enough to experiment with a short haircut is the angled lob. Similar to the previous hairstyle, the blunt bob allows females to eliminate their damaged ends while looking chic.

Additionally, another way to camouflage the lifeless look of your hair is by making waves. This hairstyle has the potential to make the damaged ends invisible by using the right products and techniques. It’s important to have a contour cream, serum, or spray for curls. Once applied, these products make sure frizz is eliminated, and curls are well defined. Your hair is supposed to be damp when making the pin curls in order to provide the expected outcome when dry.

Women who love buns would be happy to learn that this hairstyle is effective when it comes to camouflaging their dry and damaged strands. Whether it’s a messy or a ballerina bun, you’ll be looking chic while running errands. The ballerina bun is considered slightly more elegant, which makes it perfect to wear at work or school. For a trendier look, make sure you use a colorful scrunchie.


A side-swept fishtail braid is another sought-after hairstyle for females whose follicles are damaged. Before you start with the braiding technique, use dry shampoo to provide your hair with better texture and volume. Gather it in a low ponytail over either the left or right shoulder. Afterward, split the ponytail into two parts and start braiding it.

If you are fond of ponies, you can opt for low ponytails that cause no tension to the scalp. For an elegant look, you can make a Dutch braid at the crown of your head. The braid should be combined with the ponytail to provide a stunning hairstyle.

Moreover, you can combine two popular hairstyles into one, known as the brun. This hairstyle includes both a braid and a bun, which can be upgraded with an accessory such as a headband. The brun ensures no split ends are visible and provides the necessary protection.

The bottom line

Hide the split ends and breakage by trying some of these hairstyles.

Steer clear from hairstyles that cause scalp tension!

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