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How Long Can You Wear A Wig?

A lot of speculation exists on how long the wig can be kept in. A notable feature of wigs is that the longer you take care of them the longer they will serve you. Let us understand on the series of measure that you can take that would enhance the lifespan of your wig.

The time frame where you can keep the wig on?

How long you intend to use the wig does depend upon the type of 5 * 5 closure wig that you are using. The rate at which the hair grows and the skill of the hair stylist has a role to play, the manner by which you are following the natural hair guidelines with a combination of a few other factors.

Though it  would depend upon the type of chemical combination that you are using. Some of the adhesives turn out to be short term, whereas others can be glued on to for several weeks. The choice of the glue has to be proper otherwise the edges would be damaged.

It is better if you use a front laced wig, with long term adhesive, you can leave it for around 6 weeks. The length of the front laced wig is dependent the methods that you are using for applying the wig with the body chemistry. Do not use  a glue sized wig for a considerable period of time as the hair may require attention. You have to wash and moisturizer them regularly. Even the chemical make-up of the wig will indicate its adhesive time.


Removing glue as  various types of glue remover sprays are present in the market. The medical alcohol with 90 % or above works out to be a better choice. The exact lifespan of a wig is dependent upon how you care for the wig. What the type of wig, system or hair is made of has a major impact on the lifespan of the wig. If you take proper care of the wig it would last for around 4 months.

Tips to ensure that the wig serves you for a long time

1. The wig is to be worn less often

If you are planning to wear a 5 * 5 closure wig every day you have to consider purchasing a couple of them and rotating it. A simple fact is the less you wear the wig the long it may last. In addition rotating your wig during the off days will enable you to take care of it during prolonged period of time.

2. Proper care of the wigs

If after use you are combing the 5 * 5 closure wig, you have to clean it with the right air conditioner and shampoo. Make sure that you follow all the guidelines that is specified by the top wig manufacturers, then the wig would have a prolonged life.

3. The styling of the wig

When you are using hair straightened products like curlers or hair straighteners, it is suggested that you use a low setting. Make sure that you are using plenty of hair styling products and they should not be used at the root of the hair.

A better option is to style the wigs when it is wet, and using rollers. It should not be heated products as this works out to be the best way to enhance the life of your wigs. But this may not turn out to be a practical solution always.

How long can you wear a wig


4. The storage of the wig

When you are not wearing the wig it is better that you store the wig on the wig stand. It is going to protect it from the excessive heat or direct sunlight. If you are planning to travel with  a wig you need to use a wig stand and make sure it does not become damaged during the transit stage.

For washing of the wigs you need to follow some basic protocols. You can apply a tinge of mild quality shampoo on to the wet hair, and avoid the region of the scalp.  The shampoo has to be combed through the hair from top to bottom and this is through gentle downwards.

The natural versions of the wig tend to be expensive than the synthetic ones. Even the human wigs call for a natural appearance of sorts. The exact duration on how long it is going to last is dependent upon how you care for it. The better you do the longer it is going to last. For this reason it is suggested that you are taking care of the human hair wig. A few things are there that you need to protect your investment and makes sure that it serves you for a long time.

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