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How to Buy the Right Lingerie According to Your Body Type

Fashion comes natural to women, but picking the right pair of lingerie can put even the most well-adjusted fashion divas into a confusion mode. The problem is lingerie is not like your regular undergarments, there’s a big difference.

What exactly is lingerie? What are the different types? Which one is most suitable for you?

You don’t have to be a lingerie connoisseur, to pick the best pair but you need to know the answer to these questions. Don’t fret, we have got your back. Here you are going to know everything about lingerie that you must know.

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What makes lingerie different?

If you think undergarments make up as lingerie then you are mistaken. They are your basics but lingerie is an indulgence, it’s not just about giving you a sense of comfort or security but adding a layer of confidence by making you feel good and happy.

During the early 19th century the use of delicate fabric such as chiffon, rayon, lace, feathers, and ruffles for making the undergarments more sensuous started gaining popularity. However, during that era lingerie was a status symbol that grew to become a favourite of every woman for special events like weddings and anniversaries, but it is like a must-have investment you need to make.

Choosing the right lingerie for your body type

Now the problem arises when you see an alluring pair of lingerie and buy it without considering whether it will suit your body shape or not. There are several types of lingerie and deciding which one will suit you the most depends on understanding their style.

1. When you have an hourglass body type

For those of you with the typical “36-24-36” figure, you have to pick lingerie that further emphasizes your already marvellous figure. As such body figure has shoulders and hips that are of the same width along with a slender waistline, anything type of lingerie will fit well on such a body type.

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While you are free to choose from the large collection of lingerie, we recommend teddies, corsets, and garter belts sit well on such a body type. If you are feeling more adventurous you can choose to go with thong with a lace bra or a high-leg panty. Zivame has a large collection of new-age stylish lingerie you can check out.

2. When you have a triangle body type

When your hip is wider than your waist and shoulder, you fall under the triangle body type. Bigger hips are a rage these days, but when you are wearing lingerie you will want your body to look more balanced and proportionate which is why you need to choose lingerie wisely.

We recommend you to pick a lacy negligee that is taut in the chest region and flows down to the hip makes an ideal lingerie type for such body type. When you have enlarged hips you may want to draw more attention to your breasts. A bustier makes it a lot easier. To level your shoulders and hips you can try a bandeau bra or a ruffled bra along with matching panties.

3. When you have a rectangle body type

A body that is athletic with no defined curves is termed as a rectangle body type. For such a shaped body you need lingerie that cinches at the waist, which is why a corset makes an ideal option. Looking sensuous, they add a curve to your body.

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If you want something to accentuate your breasts, bustier lingerie or push-up bras will do the trick. If you have a long torso along with a rectangle shape go with a garter belt or a teddy to look gorgeous.

4. When you have inverted triangle body type

Broad shoulders with the slender waistline and medium hips characterize an inverted triangle body shape. We recommend halter necks for such a body type, but if your bum is flat, a teddy will help drive away from the attention from your hips.

For something sexier, try pairing a lace panty or a thong with a bralette. For a relative tame look, you can definitely rely on a matching cami set.

5. When you have a round body type

When your waist is rounded and hips are narrower than your upper body and torso, you have a round body. You will need lingerie that can make your body look more proportionate and a negligee is the best choice. It will accentuate your bust line while hiding the extra chunks on your waistline. A teddy also fits well on round body type. If you are trying lingerie for the first time and have a round body, go for satin lingerie gowns or chemises.


Every woman deserves the pampering, attention, and indulgence that makes her feel good about herself. When you know your body type, you can confidently pick lingerie that makes you feel sensuous. We recommend shopping online as you get the widest range of lingerie to choose from. Plus, lingerie offers double the fun of shopping.

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