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Breast Lift Tape – An Easy and More Affordable Push-Up Bra Alternative

Push-up bras have been around for what seems like forever. Unfortunately, no matter what new technology lingerie companies claim to put in their latest bras, push-up bras do not seem to be much different than the ones our mothers and grandmothers wore. Full of padding and exaggerated cleavage, they leave zero margins for subtlety. A woman never seems to have a good median between no cleavage and over-the-top cleavage. Push-ups bras are also expensive and not to mention uncomfortable. There may always be a place for push-up bras. In recent years as fashion has evolved, there has been a rise in what is known as “quiet cleavage.” There is the desire to have greater control over how sexy or how toned down we want our undergarments to be. Breast lift tape has risen to meet this demand.

Options (Not Diamonds) Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Every woman likes options. We want to have a few different outfit options when we get ready, on the menu at the restaurant, in who we date, and in our careers. Women like to have the ability to have it all and to change their minds. Options should include our bras too. Breast lift tape is one of the essential wardrobe additions that give us all those options.

Breast lift tape can achieve extreme cleavage for a deep plunging neckline or little to no cleavage in a strapless top or dress. The possibilities are endless. One of the most versatile breast lift tape companies out there right now is BoobHold.

Lightweight, Maximum Hold, and All the Sexiness

BoobHold offers breast lift tape in black and four different shades of skin tones that are all hypoallergenic and 100% latex-free. They also have self-sticking bras and nipple covers available for purchase in a bundled package. Their breast lift tape comes in a 16-foot roll that can be cut into custom-length strips. This allows you to configure the tape to work with any top or dress and any breast size. The options are endless.

There are plenty of video tutorials on the application process, and removal is quick and pain-free. Unlike some other products on the market, BoobHold is lightweight and comfortable but will hold all day or night. The strength of their breast lift tape also makes it a good option for women who are larger-chested. Many breast lift tapes on the market do not have the adhesive strength that BoobHold does.

breast lift tape

Having to reapply tape or feeling like you are sagging in the outfit you are wearing is the last thing a woman wants. Especially, when you move out enjoying an evening with friends, at an outdoor concert, or dancing the night away at a wedding with your significant other. A breast lift tape is no good if it does not have the strength to keep you lifted. As we have all heard, strength is sexy.

Are Push-Up Bras the Next Lingerie Dinosaur?

Will push-up bras find their way into extinction any time soon? Most likely not! There will probably always be a place in our lingerie drawers for a push-up bra or two, but with the rise in breast lift tape and quality products like BoobHold, they may become less of a staple.

With the endless options in tops and dresses, we should have the same in the undergarments we wear beneath them. The days of being stuck in an uncomfortable heavily-padded push-up bra should be past us. Out with the old stuffy bras that only give us one option of extreme cleavage!

In with the new and the ability to control how much cleavage we have in our outfits. There is nothing wrong with some va-va-voom in a dress or top. There is nothing wrong with “quiet cleavage” either. Sexy is how a woman decides to define it, cleavage or no cleavage. Breast lift tape can create either. The options abound.

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