Best Winter Beauty Care Tips

Best Winter Beauty Care Tips To Make Your Skin Glow

Have you missed the refreshing feeling you get when the freezing air hits your face? You take a deep breath, and it feels like your lungs have been filled with chilly cold air. I have missed that so much. Luckily, winter is here. So, hold tight and put on your heavy coat and fur hat. And while you’re preparing for the cold season, don’t forget to maintain a fresh and clean mouth with the help of a tongue scraper. The : Basic Concepts Tongue Scraper for Adults with Travel is a convenient tool that can effectively remove bacteria and residue from your tongue, promoting better oral hygiene and fresher breath. So, embrace the winter and keep your mouth feeling clean and fresh with this handy tongue scraper.

How was your pre-winter shopping?

You have bought a great collection of clothes; I guess “sweaters, boots and waterproof jackets.” You feel great, all set and ready to face winter’s cold with the most stylish, warm outfit. I fully feel you, preparing winter outfits is a great idea. But Hey, you forgot something, your skin! That chill breeze is incredible and everything, but your skin glow is on the line here. Do you want to dress like a queen and leave your skin dry, dehydrated, and dull?

Get ready

Ladies, skincare in the winter is more important than any other thing, so put it on the top of your winter shopping list, charge your credit card and let us shop again together. Check out this incredible Faceshop for all your winter skin care products:


1. Cleanser

Utilizing the ideal cleanser will facilitate the task for the following products. Once you start your skincare regime reasonably well, everything afterward will go smoothly. The cleanser’s job is to polish your face from all dirt and extra discharges. Then, it’s time to moisturize.

2. Moisturizer

Oil production decreases in the winter, especially in your face. The best thing to do if you want to avoid drying up is to know your skin type. All skin types need a specific kind of moisturizer. Do not skip this item if you have oily skin and think it moisturizes itself. Because it does not, find a unique moisturizer for your shiny skin.

3. Vitamin C serum

This product is a perfect choice because it is increasingly practical for all skin types. It gives all the significant advantages to your skin and glows it up, whether dry, oily, or even sensitive.

4. Sunblock

It is winter, right. But that does not mean that the sun takes a vacation. Solar radiation is a prime threat to your beautiful skin in all seasons of the year. Do not leave home without applying sunblock.

5. Sheet mask

Do you want to treat your skin a little? A sheet mask is an excellent relaxing hydrator to your face. This mask addresses dryness directly and efficiently. Consider eye masks as well. They reduce tiredness and dark circles around the eyes.

6. Day cream

I want to tell you a secret and a good day cream can replace both sunblock and moisturizer if you use a cream that contains the same components. By that, you are doing a clever trick. What makes day creams more inclusive are the tremendous additional benefits they provide—for example, pollution protection, nutrition, and natural glam.

7. Night cream

Okay, here comes the most crucial part of your winter skincare routine. Your skin when you are awake is not the same as when you are asleep at night, and this alteration is due to some psychological shifts. In other words, your skin gets into a renewal and repair system at night. Make use of that precious time by applying the best night cream.

8. Lip balm

In making our face skin spotless, we forget to take care of our lips, but the truth is, lips get affected by dryness fast. So, they start to peel, and we can’t but peel them off, and they get bloody and chapped. Applying a lip balm will block dry air and freezing wind from harming your lips and will block you from peeling them off too!

9. Body lotion

Your skin covers all your body. But when the face is the most visible part in the winter, it takes all your care and attention, and you forget about hydrating the rest of your body. Apply a fresh scent lotion after every shower to avoid dehydration.

Healthy body, healthy skin

After getting equipped with all required skincare products, shopping time is over, and now it is the time to tackle the problem from its roots. Let us Detox. Oxford dictionary defines Detox as “the process of removing harmful substances from your body by only eating and drinking particular things” this process will clean up the mess in your body, which will reflect on your skin glow and brightness.

How to detox?

Drink more water. Winter’s chilly and icy weather does not stir up a thirst, and as many of us drink water only when they are thirsty, their bodies turn into a desert. Water is a prime need for skin well-being. Set a reminder or download a special app to encourage you to give your body the proper amount of water it deserves.

detox drink for healthy skin

Detox drink

This thing is very cool, highly effective, and easy to prepare. Your options here are limitless, and you can choose the Detox that its taste appeals to you the most.

  1. Cucumber drink: chip off one cucumber, slice one lemon, and smash a bunch of mint leaves. Put these green ingredients in your detox bottle and immerse them with water. And here we go, you are cool as a cucumber.
  2. Strawberry drink: slice five strawberries with tiny orange fruit and a bunch of mints. Add cool water and enjoy great flavor and healthy skin.

Switch to a healthy diet

If a healthy diet does not nurture your body, never dream of pure skin. Not in winter or summer. Make sure to include vitamin C, D, and E in your regime because they are the most effective when it comes to skin health. Healthy nourishment options are impossible to fit into one article. Although harmful habits are few, we still select them deliberately. So, what to eat, and what not to eat?


  1. Eat avocado: this fruit is the best source of both vitamins C and E. in addition to its anti-aging and moisturizing effects. You can apply it on your skin directly as a mask as well.
  2. Drink green tea: this drink is a fascinating antioxidant. Antioxidants eliminate dullness and prevent wrinkles. Green tea prevents acne and hydrates your skin.
  3. Eat broccoli: broccoli contains zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C. This reduces the chance of inflammation and increases immunity and skin glow.

Do not

  1. Drink so much coffee: I know it is challenging, especially in the winter. But caffeine is a dehydrator, and it makes your skin dry, dull, and lifeless. Try to reduce your caffeine consumption.
  2. Fried food: if you are prone to acne or not, they will pop up the minute you overeat fast and fried food.
  3. Overuse both salt and sugar: a lot of salt will result in puffy eyes and raise the chance of dehydration. Sugar is as bad as its sweetness, and it causes inflammation and absorbs skin collagen.

Best Winter Beauty Care Tips


Skincare has no time, and it should always be done no matter what the weather’s condition is. Do not forget that good skincare is a long-term investment. The more you take care of your skin when you are young, the more it will stay young and youthful when you get older. But even if you are old, it is never too late to make your skin excellent. Never give up on your skin, and get some essential care from this Faceshop if you have no time to search for other options.

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