how to protect your motorcycle in winter hibernation

Riding the Open Road: Protecting Your Motorcycle During Winter’s Hibernation

The rush of adrenaline, the feeling of power, the freedom of the open road – that’s what motorcycles are all about. But as the winter months approach and the weather turns cold, it’s time to say goodbye to your trusty steed and prepare it for storage. But don’t worry. With a little preparation, your motorcycle will be ready for another season of adventure.

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Before You Store Your Motorcycle

  • Clean it: A thorough wash and cleaning of your motorcycle before storing it will help protect it from rust and other forms of corrosion. Dirt, grime, and salt buildup can trap moisture and promote rust and corrosion. Make sure to clean every nook and cranny, including the wheels, the engine, and all metal parts.
  • Fuel up: Filling up the tank with fresh gasoline and adding a fuel stabilizer will help prevent the fuel from breaking down and gumming up the carburetor. This will also help keep the fuel system lubricated and prevent stale fuel from clogging the carburetor or fuel injectors.
  • Change the oil: Fresh oil will help protect the engine from corrosion and wear during storage. Dirty oil can contain moisture and contaminants that can cause corrosion and rust to form on metal parts.
  • Check the tires: Properly inflated tires will help prevent flat spotting, which can occur when the weight of the motorcycle presses down on the same spot for an extended period of time. This can cause the tires to lose their shape and become misshapen. Check the tire pressure and make sure it is at the manufacturer’s recommended level.

how to protect your motorcycle in winter hibernation

Storing Your Motorcycle

  • Cover it: Investing in a good quality motorcycle cover will protect your motorcycle from dust, debris, and moisture. A cover will also help prevent the motorcycle from being scratched or damaged by other objects in the storage area. Make sure to choose a cover that is specifically designed for motorcycles and fits your motorcycle properly.
  • Store it in a dry place: A dry, temperature-controlled environment such as a garage or storage unit is ideal for storing your motorcycle. Moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations can cause rust and corrosion to form on metal parts, so it is important to keep the motorcycle in a controlled environment.
  • Keep it off the ground: Using a motorcycle stand or block will help prevent flat spotting and keep your motorcycle level. This will also help to keep the tires in good condition and prevent the motorcycle from being damaged by moisture or other environmental factors.
  • Check on it regularly: It’s a good idea to check on your motorcycle every few weeks during storage to make sure everything is in order. This will give you an opportunity to inspect it for any signs of damage or potential problems and to make any necessary repairs or adjustments.

With these tips and the help of EPM Motorsports, you can rest assured that your motorcycle will be well taken care of during the winter months. And when spring arrives, and the roads are clear, you’ll be ready to hit the open road once again.

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