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How Much of Las Vegas’ Power is Renewable?

Las Vegas is an unusual city with a rich history and the best entertainment, because of which it is even called “Sin City.” At night Las Vegas comes alive, everything around it glows in bright neon colors, and this can’t help but admire, but on the other hand, it takes too much fuel to equip it with electricity. As a result, the city of Nevada has been consuming an obscene amount of resources, and while in terms of money, it has paid for itself, in terms of the environment, it has not been so easy. That’s why Las Vegas officials have long started planning for the city’s transition to fully renewable energy sources, but how are they doing? We’ll find out more about that below.

A city in the middle of the desert is going green

The state of Nevada, and the city of Las Vegas in particular, is one of the sunniest cities in the entire United States, it has about 300 sunny days a year, and therefore the introduction of solar renewable energy systems in this city is more than a profitable and logical decision. Furthermore, given that Las Vegas is located in the central Mojave Desert, wind can also be a great source of renewable energy production.

different type of solar panels

Las Vegas has enormous potential to become the greenest city in the United States and be powered only by clean sources of electricity, so if you have decided to purchase solar panels for your home, you can contact solar company.

Since the active arrival of sun panels on the market, Las Vegas officials have been working hard to transition to renewable energy, and in 2016 were able to get to the point where they were able to supply the needs of city facilities exclusively from renewable power. Nevertheless, much of the city is still supplied by natural gas, and if you want to change that for yourself, switching to solar panels would be a great solution.

The Benefits of Going Solar Las Vegas

Solar power is one of the most lucrative investments for homeowners today, especially in sunny places like Nevada. However, if you don’t see any particular benefits, we’re happy to show you the following:

1. Saving utility bills

If you take the amount each Nevada family pays for electricity and stretch it over 25 years, you’re looking at about $33,000 – that’s only when today’s rates are considered. We all know the trend of rates going up, so we can’t say if that’s the final amount. Installing photovoltaic cells eliminates your energy bills in as little as five years, which is a great indicator and a huge saving.

2. Return on investment

Another reason installing solar panels in Las Vegas is worthwhile is their impressive return on investment percentage. If you take the average, solar systems will cost your home $20,000. Still, depending on your unique situation, you could get an instant return on the money you spend installing them, such as with the 30 percent federal solar tax credit. But, of course, a lot depends on whether you choose any financing options and, if so, which ones.

3. Augmenting the value of your property

Photovoltaic cells are a definite benefit to property owners, so it’s no surprise that buying a home with this privilege will cost an order of magnitude more. On average, homes with solar systems installed sell for 17% more than the same home but without them.

4. The Benefits of Incentives

One of the key reasons why the renewable electricity trend is so popular in Las Vegas is because of generous incentives. One of the main incentives today is the aforementioned federal tax credit, which rebates new solar plant owners 30 percent of their cost, which saves you about $6,000 on average. There are many other federal and program incentives, too, which you can explore on the official website and see what program you’re in.

5. Las Vegas RPS

The state of Nevada has one of the most beneficial RPS plans for homeowners. If you don’t know what that is, RPSs are rules that require a certain percentage of electricity to be generated from renewable energy sources. In Nevada, it is 25%, 1.5% of which is from solar energy. That high percentage encourages your local utilities to buy solar power from you, which your photovoltaic cells produce in surplus.

6. Lower dependence on foreign energy

By installing solar panels in your home, you’re also ensuring U.S. national security. In addition, you are saving yourself from the instability of the global economy and the constant fluctuations in electricity prices. You also become completely independent of weather conditions or mechanical occurrences in your city; you never lose power.

This way, solar batteries give incredible usefulness to their owner, providing lower spending and comfortable living.

solar energy in las vegas

The process of installing solar panels in Las Vegas

Installing a photovoltaic system is easier than you might think. Typically, you must fill out a solar installation company questionnaire, and then a team of experts will assess the situation firsthand. This will help shape the exact price of setting up the facility and figure out the correct perks and incentives for your particular case.

Once the agreement is signed, a team of workers installs the panels. Again, depending on the amount of work, this entire process can take up to four days. That’s it, and you can relax and enjoy a great investment that will bring you confidence in the future, savings for the years, and even profits.


Las Vegas is slowly but surely on its way to fully equipping the city with renewable energy. Every Nevada resident can contribute by installing solar panels in their yard. This decision will affect your life and the environment extremely positively.

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