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7 Practical Ways to Achieve a Sustainable Home

It’s apparent how we’re slowly destroying our planet Earth. As we’re gradually contributing to environmental degradation, we now have the responsibility to care for the environment and save mother Earth. That’s why there has been a strong call for sustainability among all sectors involved in recent years.

In business, sustainability means doing business without harming the planet. It’s about sustaining your company and providing consumer needs while reducing its environmental impact. But did you know that sustainability applies to homes as well?

Why? Everything starts at home. Every household should start setting sustainability practices in place. Every family should do their part in contributing to environmental protection. With these micro efforts, we can work together to save our planet.

Fret not-we’ve rounded up some practical sustainability tips for you and your family. Here’s how to achieve a sustainable home:

1. Reduce home waste

It’s no secret how every family accumulates tons of wealth over time. But the time comes when they have to declutter and throw a lot of waste products. Think of the buildup of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, gadgets, and electronic devices. In fact, about 4.4 pounds of trash get produced by the average American every day. As the head of the household, consider being wise by regulating your material acquisition. For instance, opt for cloth shopping bags over plastic bags, dish rags over paper towels, and reusable water bottles over disposable ones.

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2. Repurpose used materials

In line with reducing household waste products, it’s best to repurpose some of your used materials. When house cleaning and decluttering, sort your items and set them apart from those you consider waste materials. But before sending them to the landfill, check to see how you can reuse these materials. You only need imagination and creativity to turn these waste materials into valuable products. As an example, think of newspapers and magazines and how you can transform them into arts and home decors.

3. Send waste to recycling companies

For sustainability strategies, you may have heard of the 3Rs-reduce, reuse, and recycle. These measures are essential to the overall success of your sustainability practices. Earlier, we’ve tackled how to reduce your waste products and repurpose your materials at home. However, we cannot proceed without mentioning recycling. If you can no longer keep these materials, consider sending them to recycling companies. These companies know better about how to recycle these waste products.


4. Transition to renewable energy sources

Large companies across various industries contribute to global carbon emissions. They are slowly polluting the air and compromising our planet’s atmosphere. However, every household also contributes to this global problem. Think of how you consume so much energy every day. Consider how some families are still using home systems and appliances that are not energy-efficient. As such, you may start transitioning to renewable energy sources to help conserve energy and control pollution. For instance, consider installing solar panels in your residential property.

5. Support local businesses offering organic materials

As a family focusing on sustainability, be wary of choosing and patronizing businesses. It’s best to patronize local enterprises so that you can help them grow their business and sustain their livelihood source. However, only support those businesses providing organic materials or products that won’t harm the environment. Finally, use and incorporate these green materials and sustainable products into your house for a sustainable home.

6. Consider pet adoption

Sustainability also entails taking care of animals by providing them food and shelter. You don’t have to go as far as protecting a forest and providing habitat to wildlife. On a micro-level, you can adopt pets and make them furry members of your family. All it takes is to feed, bathe, and groom them. You can also play with your dogs and even send them to private dog training. In your little way, you can protect the planet’s species in the comfort of your sustainable home.

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7. Pursue outdoor gardening

The last on the list is performing outdoor gardening. It’s a good idea to grow plants, shrubs with blooms, and fruit-bearing trees in your garden to promote the environment. You can even go as far as planting herbs and vegetables in your backyard for food security and sustainability. Not only does home gardening boost your property’s curb appeal and home value, but it also has environmental and health benefits. Hence, it must be a part of your sustainability practices at home.

outdoor hobby for kids

At this point, you now know what it takes to have a sustainable home. As the head of the household, consider setting sustainability practices in place, from reducing home waste to utilizing renewable energy sources to pursuing outdoor gardening. In your backyard, you can contribute to protecting the environment. In the end, your micro-efforts in having a sustainable home can go a long way in saving the planet Earth.

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