where to find the best funny Valentine's cards

Where to Find Funny Valentine’s Cards

If you feel like making your loved ones laugh this Valentine’s season, why not send them funny Valentine’s cards with your personal touch? Finding a funny Valentine’s Day card is easier than you think, with physical and online stores like Boomf having a greater selection of cards.

But if you’d like to know our top recommendations, check out where to find some of the best funny Valentine’s cards here. Whether you prefer sarcasm or lighthearted jokes, we’re sure your partner will love what you send them.

Online Greeting Card Stores

Many websites sell greeting cards for all occasions, including Valentine’s Day. You can browse through their collection of cards and pick one that best suits your mood.

Some sites have a better selection of funny Valentine’s cards than others, so you may have to look around until you find your favorite. But thankfully, you have plenty of time until Valentine’s season, so check out these options.

where to Valentine's Day card

1. Boomf

This website has an extensive collection of humorous cards for Valentine’s Day. They range from cheeky romantic cards to ones with puns of fun. They have excellent shipping options too, so if you do end up ordering last minute, the recipient should still receive the card within a few business days.

You can use their search engine to be more specific with the type of humor you want to express. You can also filter the gender, age range, and relationship type for the funny Valentine’s cards.

2. Zazzle

Zazzle offers various funny Valentine’s cards, ranging from cute to silly. They have a great selection of designs in different themes, such as Love Me Tender, Sweethearts, and Romantic. You can even create your own card using their easy-to-use templates.

You’ll have the option to write your own special words, so if you like, you can order the card with a blank page and handwrite your funny message. Or have it added before you purchase the card, and it will be ready to send and mailed to your loved one.

3. Etsy

If you want to make your own custom funny Valentine’s cards, Etsy is the place to go. It has an extensive range of products, including handmade cards, stationery, and gifts.

You can search by category or keyword to find exactly what you need. The sellers on Etsy are very creative, so if you don’t have a funny phrase coming to mind, we’re sure you’ll find one on this platform.

4. Paper Source

This website sells a beautiful range of paper goods, including cards, scrapbook supplies, and more, all of which you can use to create the ultimate fun Valentine’s day gift.

Additionally, their Valentine’s Day cards include a wide range of romantic, humorous, and sweet designs.

5. Amazon

While it doesn’t specifically cater to Valentine’s Day card shoppers, Amazon has a huge selection of other items, so you might just stumble across something special.

where to find the best funny Valentine's cards

Physical Stores

You can also buy Valentine’s Day cards at local retailers. Many shops carry a wide range of Valentine’s cards, so you may have to search through each one to discover what you find!

1. Target

Target has a good selection of funny Valentine’s Day cards. Several categories are available, including traditional, sentimental, and romantic comedies.

2. Walmart

Walmart also has a selection of Valentine’s Day cards, which always includes some good humorous options. These stores usually update their card selection each year, so if you want to get ahead of the curve, you can purchase funny ones right after Valentine’s day when all the surplus stock goes on sale at bargain prices.

Explore Your Card Retailers Today

There is an excellent range of stores worth exploring for Valentine’s day gifts. So check out the options we listed and more until you’ve got the perfect funny Valentine’s cards for those special people in your life.

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