Factors to Consider in Custom Manufacturing and Prototyping

Competition among industrial and engineering companies around the world has always been at tough times because every establishment has its strategy to contract manufacturing companies which aims at focusing on how they can deliver a fast and quality service. You should know that working on the products or prototypes in this field has to go through a lot of processes and this usually takes ample time to complete, especially on the testing part. However, this is necessary because every part of the cycle is important and must be thoroughly checked, since it aids in the production of various manufacturing companies.

Now, as an entrepreneur, who needs to survive in this industry, you must come up or deal with a rapid prototyping company or prototype building companies that can be the best source for customized prototyping creation, both for small and big clients, who needs parts or equipment for manufacturing. Not all businesses that involve industrial and technological development projects produce materials to complete a product, many of them rely on other experts and because of high demand, this needs fast delivery. It means that in designing and creating a particular prototyping process, you need the specialty of others to succeed, which is the only option.


Keep in mind that when you are manufacturing a certain prototype, you have to know the important aspects of this project, which includes the materials, processing and developing this, involving the technology today.

You may be in charge of a certain project, but without sufficient knowledge of the cycle, it may turn out to be erroneous and this is a waste of time and money as well. You may be good for bringing materials from reliable manufacturers worldwide, but you have to be responsible in using this effectively and completing the best products.


The materials needed for the presentation and construction of the prototype may differ, it usually depends on the requirement of the client or manufacturer. For example, during the sample presentation, durability may not be necessary because it is just for presentation purposes. While for the production, the right materials should be used and followed, according to the specifications of the clients.


For example, when it comes to simulating an automotive machine part, the prototyping required for the appearance will definitely be needing materials made of steel as well as aluminum. Basically, it is not solely for the assembly, but it is also for the function. In fact, this is important for the project development and production.

Urethane Resins are also used in casting, which is available in various forms like optical clear resins, which may be used lighting. Urethane resins may be used in simulating engineered plastics, such as PA, PP, ABS and PMMA. Glass filled resins are also known for different features, such as durability as well as heat resistance, and this made it as an excellent material for the production of the parts.

Common Techniques

3D Printing is an inexpensive technique, using a 3D printer for desktop. Due to insufficient quality of the parts that would be used in the production, it may not be a good choice and a concept for designing a model. However, through this technique, you will be able to build geometries, which machines cannot produce, especially when it comes to hollow, deep and curved sections or corners.

With the CNC machining technology, you are sure about the durability, speed as well as accuracy in designing an accustomed prototype because this technique is faster when used in the production. An expert can use it directly to avoid multiple processes and more efficiently, especially when it comes to metals for machine production, making tools and molding as well. But for a more complex type of surfaces, you may need CNC operations multiple times, which is also not cost effective to finish rough or holes because cosmetics is needed to come up with a high glossed parts.


The Urethane Vacuum casting is another less expensive technique used because it is also the fast way of producing parts, which can be used through injection molding, since CNC milling machines creates the molder. However, it will be of great help to a small quantity for resin or plastic materials, while the Injection molding is used for high volume of parts needed, though it needs more money and ample time for cutting as well as polishing the product, which requires skill and labor.

Production and Development

Prototypes must be produced effectively because it is important in the process and development of a product. Let’s say that you may use the designs in coming up with better concepts or ideas and establishing better cycles or techniques. You should know that prototypes can serve as a communication tool between the manufacturer and external contractors. Through this, you can come up with feedback and suggestions that could be factors to consider, which can make the project go on for processing.

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The experts may use an accurate and a low-cost model when verifying and customizing designs, since this helps in the engineering and manufacturing of a certain product before its production. If issues will be discovered and solved in time, then wasting money as well as delays in manufacture will be prevented from happening and lead to a faster processing time, high quality products and effective prototypes. This shows that customizing and manufacturing a certain model for a client will not only require a fast time, but it will also involve testing.

When it comes to performance, the functions of each prototype are also checked because there might be iterations in the design and if you cannot test this, more issues may not be revealed when the project is completed, which will affect the success of a particular product where it will be used as a part. Correcting issues must be done before finalizing the designs to minimize the risk it can lead to the business and to improve the quality of the finished product. This step may lead to several revisions, but it is necessary to meet the specifications or standards and enhance the performance.

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  1. Thanks, Salman for an informative update. I work as a prototype engineer of a leading manufacturing company and I make sure to choose materials for the products as per the client specification. Currently, we are making use of CNC machining technology for designing a model. Must try to implement Urethane Vaccum technique as it offers better benefits.

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