1325 Co2 Laser Head Set for Laser Cutting Engraving

What You Need to Know About 1325 Co2 Laser Head Set for Laser Cutting Engraving

The head base is the fundamental part of the laser machine and it supports all other parts of the laser head. The reflector base holds a specially designed mirror that reflects light from an external source into the lens tube, where it interacts with gases in order to produce a focused beam of energy that can cut through materials like metal or stone.

The lens tube contains several lenses that focus and direct the laser beam along its path as well as providing protection for both the internal components and users from accidental exposure to radiation produced by lasers.

The air assist nozzle aids in cutting by directing compressed air onto the material being lasered, helping to cool down any heat generated during cutting and also reducing smoke created while cutting. It also helps clear away dust particles created while engraving or marking materials.


The air-assist nozzle assembly is composed of a focusing lens, an air guide tube, and a protective sleeve. The core components are the focusing lens, which can adjust the focal length to meet the requirements of different cutting materials.

The air guide tube helps cool down the laser head and ensures that enough oxygen reaches the working surface for better cutting results. Finally, a protective sleeve is installed on top of it to prevent dust and other contaminants from entering the system and damaging it.

How does 1325 Co2 Laser Head Set work?

The 1325 Co2 Laser Head Set is a cutting-edge laser set that can be used to make precise cuts, engravings, and marking on materials such as acrylics, wood, leather, and more! It is equipped with an advanced digital control board for easy operation. To use the laser set, one will need to connect it to a computer or other device via a USB cable.

This allows the user to input their preferred settings into the software for optimal performance. Once these parameters are entered in, the laser head can be adjusted accordingly using its easy-to-use knob and digital display.

With this intuitive setup process and accurate results provided by the 1325 Co2 Laser Head Set, users of all skill levels can create stunning projects quickly and easily!

Benefits of 1325 Co2 Laser Head Set

The 1325 Co2 laser head set is a powerful and versatile tool for cutting and engraving various materials. With its high-power output, it can cut through thicker materials with ease. Its adjustable focal length allows for precise control of the laser beam for precise cuts and engravings.

The computerized system also makes it easier to program complex designs into the machine so that intricate details can be incorporated into your projects.

Additionally, this type of laser technology offers a higher degree of accuracy when compared to other cutting machines like plasma cutters and routers. This makes them perfect for detailed work on small items such as jewelry or artwork pieces where accuracy is essential.

Quality Control Parameters

The 1325 Co2 laser head set is composed of an engraving head, a focus lens, and a mirror. For optimal performance, it’s important to check each component for quality control parameters. The engraving head should be checked for its output power accuracy and thermal stability.

Focus lenses must be inspected for their magnification power and transmittance rate; mirrors need to be tested for reflectivity factors and wavefront distortion. Additionally, the whole system should be calibrated with a precision measuring device so that the beam divergence angle can remain consistent across materials being cut or engraved.

With such a detailed quality control process in place, customers are assured that their experience using this 1325 Co2 laser cutting/engraving machine will yield unmatched results every time they use it.

Process Involved In Manufacturing

CNC Turning

It is a process that uses computer numerical control machines to shape metal and other materials into desired shapes. The CNC lathe utilizes tools such as drill bits, reamers, and end mills to cut into the material for turning or milling operations.


The process involves a tool that rotates quickly on an axis while the material is fed through it. This rotation helps to create the desired shape or size by cutting away excess material.


They can be seen on the handles of tools, knobs, handwheels, and levers that require a secure grasp when operating them. The knurled pattern is often textured with grooves or ridges to create an improved grip surface which has become standard for many industrial products.


Firstly, the laser head needs to be installed onto the X-axis rail of the engraver. The screws on both sides of the laser head should then be tightened securely so that it won’t move. Secondly, align the lens and mirror mounts accurately according to their positions indicated in your manual.

1325 Co2 Laser Head Set for Laser Cutting Engraving

After this, attach each component with a screwdriver and make sure there are no gaps between them as these can cause misalignment during operation. You can see details by visiting our official website.


The 1325 Co2 Laser Head Set for Laser Cutting Engraving is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used in a variety of applications. It offers precision, consistency, and accuracy when cutting or engraving materials ranging from wood to metal. In addition, the laser cutter is easy to maintain and operate with minimal training required.

With its wide range of capabilities, this machine can be used in various industries such as manufacturing, product design, and even home improvement projects.

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