Top 10 Android Apps Of All Time

There are hundreds of thousands of Android applications that have been developed over the years to match users’ expectations. Not all have succeeded, some of them were a total failure, but some can be said to have conquered the market and have become the apps of all time. We decided to make a list of such applications. Are you interested? Here are 10 of the top Android apps of all time!

1. Facebook

The first place goes to Facebook, and it should come as no surprise to no one. This app reigns supreme in the global social media market. This is evidenced by the number of downloads so far exceeding 5 billion! Facebook enables fast, convenient contact with friends. This popular smartphone app is constantly developing and has its own messenger.

2. YouTube

YouTube is an application that allows you to post, watch, and rate videos. Currently, it is also used more and more often for online broadcasting. This app also has over 5 billion downloads in the Play Store, making it one of the most downloaded Android apps of all time.


3. Swiftkey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the many keyboards available for Android. However, this application has the ability to learn how the user types and allows you to customize the appearance of the on-screen keyboard to make typing faster and easier. Over 500 million downloads.

4. Tinder

It’s an application that conquers the heights of popularity around the world. It was launched in 2012 and is currently the most popular meeting app. This app has over 100 million downloads.

5. Uber

Uber has revolutionized the transport market. Thanks to it, local transport is cheaper and more convenient. The Uber app was launched in June 2010 and has become the most popular transportation app since. Just like Swiftkey, this app has 500 million+ downloads.

6. Spotify

Spotify is a streaming application that was founded in 2006 and revolutionized the music market. It allows you to listen and download selected music and podcasts from anywhere in the world. Also 500 million+ downloads.

7. WhatsApp

It’s one of the fastest growing online messengers. It enables encrypted transmission of both messages and multimedia files between devices. Due to its simplicity, it is used by both younger and older users. WhatsApp Plus is extremely popular, and in 2019 it was announced as the most popular Android app. What’s the number of downloads? Over 5 billion, just like Facebook!


8. Google Maps

Over 15 years of Google Maps app is currently probably the most extensive application of this type for smartphones, offering, among other things, the possibility of checking the traffic volume on our way, public transport timetable or planning a long journey with multiple stops. The Google Maps app has also been downloaded over 5 billion times from the Google Play store.

9. TikTok

TikTok has hit the top of the download lists on every imaginable platform and has flooded the internet with thousands of more or less funny videos. TikTok has been downloaded more than a billion times and is fighting to be the most popular app of all time. Over 1 billion installations.

10. Snapchat

This photo transfer app was downloaded by over 500 million users in the first 6 years. It is distinguished by the fact that photos sent to friends disappear after a short time. This solution turned out to be revolutionary, giving you great pleasure in using the application.

Would you add other apps to our list? What would they be?

Salman Zafar

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