Google map creation with multiple locations

How Many Locations Can You Add on Google Maps?

Are you planning a long journey with many stops? Or perhaps you are looking to display multiple locations for your business? Alternatively, you may be frequent deliveries and be looking for a more optimal route? If you have ever come across any of these situations, creating a map with multiple locations on Google Maps, which you can access on your phone or computer, may come in handy.

Google Maps is widely known for providing online navigation and spatial knowledge. Unfortunately, the tool itself is only capable of handling ten destinations. After which, you may face difficulty.

Google limits the number of stops a user can add to simplify things, which can be unpleasant on long road trips or heavy delivery days. Fortunately, users can get around this 10 location limitation using a simple workaround to get up to 25 places.

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How to Create a Map With 10 Locations

For road trips or smaller businesses, 10 locations are more than enough to get started. If this is the case, it only takes a few steps to map multiple locations.

Visit the Google Maps Website

Users can begin by navigating to the Google Maps website on their computer. Here, they may make maps with nine additional destinations.

Input Your Starting Point

Upon reaching the Google Maps website, users can navigate to the search field, where they must click the Directions button. Doing so will bring up a sidebar where users can input your starting point and first destination.

Here, users can choose their starting point by typing in an address, a business or a landmark or selecting a location on the map by clicking it with their mouse. Alternatively, users can use their computer’s current location by scrolling to the top of the search results and selecting “My location.” Your browser may prompt you to allow Google Maps to see your location.

Put in your first location by selecting the “Choose destination” box and inputting the correct place.

Determine Your Transport Method

Next, users must choose their mode of transport by using the buttons at the top of the sidebar. You can only set several destinations for driving, walking, and biking. Unfortunately, adding multiple locations is not a possibility with other modes of transportation.

Add Additional Locations

Below the destination, click the Add button. By doing so, users will add a second destination line to their itinerary. If they don’t have both a starting and a destination location set, the “+” will not appear.

If, after adding both, you still don’t see a “+” button when building your route, you will likely have chosen an incorrect mode of transportation since airplanes or public transit don’t allow you to add multiple stops.

Make Readjustments as Needed

To reorganize the destinations, drag the dots adjacent to them; if you need to reorder your itinerary, drag and release the dots adjacent to each destination. The revised path will be determined automatically.

How to Create a Map With Up To 25 Locations

Now, say 10 locations is not cutting it. Here is where the workaround comes into play. By doing a quick Google search, users will find that some code changes can be used as a workaround to add up to 25 places instead of ten. Bear in mind that while this workaround exists, it requires a user to copy the URL and paste it into their browser and then make a few minor tweaks.

Google map creation with multiple locations

Plan Your Route

If your URL bar displays place names rather than coordinates, go to each location, remove it from the list, and right-click to add it to the list instead of entering its name.

Copy and Paste Your URL

To highlight all of the text, click and drag on your URL bar or press Ctrl + A. Then, either right-click the bar and select “Copy” or use Ctrl + V on your keyboard to copy it.

Delete everything before or after the “@” symbol and paste the Google Map route coordinates at the end of the URL.

Add Additional Destinations

Start a new Google Maps route with your remaining destinations, being careful to right-click and select “Directions from here” rather than typing the address.

In Google Maps’ sidebar, you should now see more than ten destinations.

Successful Map Creation

Some have even found 25 locations to be too few. If this is the case, specialized providers may be necessary for creating a custom map to the user’s liking.

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