Tips for event app development

Event App Development: How To Start Effectively

Willing to make life more saturated with impressions and not miss something actually significant for their interests and goals, people use event apps. Skillfully tailored app helps users to systemize the information and buy tickets fast and effortlessly. At the moment people are eager to enrich life with new social connections, knowledge and emotions. That means the event app development is a timely idea that will be met with enthusiasm and curiosity if it performed on a cute level.

The marketers believe that though almost a half of global events were held online last year, in-person events will always be in demand. The event industry offers a fantastic plethora of occasions for people to gather in one place. And the analysts predict that the market has overwhelming potential to reach $2.194 trillion by 2028.

What an event app is and which types of it are popular

Event app is a digital product that facilitates the process of event searching for visitors or helps organizers to plan and organize it more effectively. Thus, the apps can be classified into two groups depending on their addressee: planners for visitors or planners for organizing teams.

Purposes of Professional Event Lighting

Moving towards creating a concept of event app development, depict classes of events that are obligatory to be included. Entertaining, professional, educational, cultural – there’s a diversity of miscellaneous occasions for people to attend offline or online. Figure out what and for whom your app will advise.

Aligned various criteria, the event apps can be subdivided

  •  by the type of target audience (specific/general);
  •  by the purpose (entertainment, education, sport achievements etc.);
  • by location (international, countrywide, local).

The event industry is a mushrooming market, and there’s a high possibility to find a niche where no competitors or their solutions demonstrate significant drawbacks.

Why MVP is an ideal approach to start event app development

The most reliable way to get in touch with your potential customers and push the event app development in a proper direction is to build an MVP. Since an MVP has a simple and clear functionality, it empowers IT-team to polish all the features and bring to the table a good-looking and convenient app fast and for adequate budget.

Which features to include in the list of must-haves?

Let’s put your visitors’ shoes on in order to find out what we are actually looking for in the app. This approach will equip us with understanding which features are required and how to prioritize the consequences of their implementation.

1. Sign up page

Make it pleasing and inviting to push the visitors to get onboard. The IT experts advice to make a registration form in a way that takes no more than several seconds. People usually aren’t pleased with the necessity to spend the evening filing a questionnaire. If you need a bit more user’s information in order to make the news feed more personalized, ask for additional info later.

2. User profile

The personal space where the user introduces himself, establishes individual settings for getting news and adds events that he/she is going to visit in order to get remindings and collect payment bills and notifications.

3. Searching bar

This option can boost the flexibility and convenience of the app. To navigate skillfully among the tons of information, users want to have «paddles». You can add various filters for selecting the events which coincide with visitors’ preferences. For example, there can be general filters like location, price, purpose etc.

4. Event schedule

The event app development can’t be imagined without a timetable of past, current and future events. Systemized chronologically, the list of events lets visitors see from the first glance what and when will happen and organize his plans in a relevant order.

Tips for event app development

5. Event news feed

This feature allows users to get updates and keep a finger on the pulse of upcoming events by subscribing to specifics related to their interests.

6. Push notifications

You can’t avoid this feature in the event app development if you focus on helping people stay tuned and not to lose any changes. Notifications are necessary to remind about time and venue, delays, conditions for attending etc.

7. Payment system integration

Smooth and effortless acquisition of tickets is an insurance of effective work and as a result monetization of the project. Make possible using bank cards and various payment systems to encourage visitors’ loyalty.

The event app development in MVP approach lets you start with basic features and add more advanced later. Ranking annual events in accordance with previous users’ reviews is a promising idea, but it doesn’t change the whole concept and functionality of the product. Later you can add some other features if you feel they are necessary.

For example, custom support or searching for companions to visit events together are optional. So, you can improve your app later when you get first money through this idea and can reinvest them in further development.

As an essential advantage of the event app development in an MVP approach can be considered the opportunity to attract investment if needed. The fully functioning product convinces investors better than just promises or prototypes.

Finalizing the issue

Targeting at the event app development, plan all the actions you need to undertake in order to drive your idea home. To make sure the event app development is moving along the right rails, be meticulous looking for an appropriate team. Check clients’ reviews, rankings on independent resources, portfolio and expert blogs.

For example, Purrweb has several relevant products in their portfolio and can provide unsurpassed UI/UX design services. Check their blog, and if their approach resonates with your idea, ask them to estimate your project and get professional advice for free.

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