Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

Mobile App for Business – Top 10 Benefits

Smartphones are an integral part of humanity: in 2022, experts recorded more than 3.8 billion users. This is half of the world’s population, and this figure will increase every year. Thanks to applications and the Internet, people can keep in touch with loved ones, relatives, and colleagues when they are away from them.

Business owners benefit the most from mobile apps. Apps are a great way to build stronger relationships with existing and potential customers. In addition, by having a mobile app for business, you can increase profits and increase brand awareness.

Ten years ago, mobile apps were reserved only for large corporations or organizations. However, today creating mobile apps for business has become easier and cheaper. If you’re considering developing apps for your business but aren’t sure if it’s the right one for your company, check out the top 10 benefits of mobile apps to help you make the best decision!

benefits of having mobile app for business

1. Opportunity to Better Understand Your Customers

The first and foremost advantage of mobile apps is that they help you understand your customers. When users open your program, using analytics, you can find out what they like, what motivates them to buy your products, or what barriers deter customers from buying. Once you understand the likes and dislikes of your customers, you can create customer-focused marketing campaigns that will bring you the best results and profits. Moreover, knowing your customers will allow you to find out which products are the most popular. Then you can improve these products and become a leader among other companies.

2. Keep In Touch With Customers 24/7

Over 21% of millennials say they open their apps about 50 times a day. This statistic tells us that most of your customers want to open an app instead of visiting a website. Business mobile apps are easily accessible, user-friendly, and provide a seamless experience. Your users will be able to interact with the company from remote locations where carrying a personal computer or laptop is not possible. While most gaming apps require an internet connection, trading programs can work offline. Thus, you can be in touch with your customers 24/7, no matter where they are.

3. Increase Customer Trust And Loyalty

Experts from JatApp, who develop mobile apps and are leaders among other developers, say that customers have more trust in a business that has a mobile application. Through the app, you will be able to increase the loyalty of your customers by offering them discounts, great deals, and bonuses that are targeted only to app users. This will increase application traffic, the time spent on the platform and positively impact income.

Prime examples are Amazon and eBay. Companies are successfully using their apps to attract more users and retain them in the long run through strategic loyalty programs.

4. Mobile Apps Are More Reliable Than Websites

Modern customers are very impatient – more than 57% of users are ready to leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. The worst thing is that about 80% of consumers will never return to the platform and will not want to reload the website. The slow loading of the platform results in business owners losing about $2 billion every year due to failed sales. Therefore, websites cannot provide good performance, no matter how much money you invest in promoting the brand.

However, mobile apps can load faster and offer a high-quality user experience. Why? If we delve into programming, we will find out that the experts use HTML5 and CSS3 to create a mobile version of the website. Apps with HTML5 and CSS3 load faster as they are lightweight. These systems allow you to reduce the size of images and program elements, thereby guaranteeing a fast loading of the platform. Thus, apps are more reliable than websites because you will lose customers less often.

5. Mobile Apps Increase Conversion Rates

Criteo regularly publishes various researches, and one of them says that people view 4.2 times more products in applications than on websites. Thus, apps can increase the conversion rate by three times compared to websites.

However, this is not all. Let’s face it – filling out page login credentials is what we hate the most. On average, people visit about 140 web pages. This causes people to forget the password and login associated with a particular website, and collecting the password makes things worse. However, using the app, users only need to log in once, after which they can use the app for as long as they want. Therefore, if you want customers to return to you, again and again, making an app for your business is the best strategy.

6. Mobile Apps Increase Customer Engagement

If you want to remind a customer about your company or pending purchases, you can use the app to send them dynamic push notifications. Almost all clients respond to push notifications. This results in a positive impact on engagement, open rate, and conversion rate.

Looking at Blueshift research, we can see that mobile push notifications based on user behavior result in a 2,770% increase in conversion rates compared to batch notifications. People are more likely to act on personalized offers, updates, and information.

7. Mobile Apps Deliver Immersive UX

Smartphones are equipped with unique and exciting features. Using them, you can provide a compelling user experience through mobile apps. A technological breakthrough allows app developers to use all the functions of smartphones – from the camera to GPS and Bluetooth.

Let’s say you’re building an e-commerce app. In this case, you can use the AR and VR features of a smartphone so that customers can virtually try on or view the product before purchasing it. You can also use the fingerprint sensor, providing users with a quick login to the app. In addition, there are many other functions: NFC, accelerometer, gyro meter, compass, etc. Together, these features give you endless possibilities!

8. Mobile Apps Less Costly to Promote

When you get an app for your business, you can save thousands of dollars in your marketing budget. Mobile app advertising is much cheaper than website advertising. This is because advertisers trust the app since the likelihood that the platform is loaded with viruses is less.

In addition, you can increase the company’s profits by creating paid packages and publishing advertisements. This ad does not have to be about other brands. You can advertise your new services, products, or promotions.

9. Perfect for Smartphones and Tablets

According to statistics, many failures are received by sites that are not adaptive for mobile devices. Getting information from the small screen of a mobile device is inconvenient due to the small scale. However, mobile app interfaces are initially developed considering consuming information from small screens. The app structure is optimized for comfortable navigation, and all the necessary information is easily accessible. Apps use most of the features available only for a smartphone. For example, calls, location, push notifications, and others.

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

10. Mobile Apps Promote Brands On Google

For several years now, we have seen a significant increase in the mobile Internet audience around the world. Successful business development is impossible without trend analysis and optimization for mobile devices. According to Google statistics, 39% of mobile device users purchase from them, and 55% search for goods or services using their smartphones to make a further purchase. If your business is not mobile-friendly, Google will artificially underestimate the position of the site in search results, which threatens a sharp loss of traffic and a decrease in the influx of new customers.


From these ten app benefits, it becomes clear that mobile apps are priceless for your business. Apps increase your revenue and improve customer interaction, making your brand number 1. As smartphone users grow every day, we can confidently say that investing in mobile app development will bring positive results.

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