Strategies for Marketing Your Landscaping Business on Social Media

3 Key Strategies for Marketing Your Landscaping Business on Social Media to the Right Audience

We live in a world where we can connect to people and information from all over the world with just a few clicks. That’s why marketing your landscaping business on social media is an effective way to reach new customers and grow your business. Let’s take a look at what makes social media such a great resource for reaching potential clients:

  • It has no geographic boundaries; it follows the customer wherever they go. This means that you can reach a broader market than your local area. But it doesn’t mean you should stop using direct mail marketing.
  • It reaches users who are actively searching for ideas or services like yours that fit their needs.
  • You can target specific demographics by location, age, gender, or interests, so you only send out messages that will resonate with them without wasting time or money targeting those who have no interest in your business.
  • You can follow users who are likely to be interested in the value you provide, increasing the likelihood of becoming a customer.
  • The text and photos you use are more likely to get noticed by social media users than traditional marketing methods like radio, flyers, or TV advertisements.

So what does this all mean for marketing your landscaping company on social media? Well, it means that if you are not offering your customers an easy way to connect with you on social media, you could be losing out on potential growth for your business.

So let’s look at three key strategies for promoting your landscaping services through social media so that every time someone searches for landscape services Alpharetta or “landscapers near me,” they find one primary source which you can direct them to for information, quotes, or free estimates.

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1. Keep Your Contact Information Updated

Make sure all of your contact information is easily accessible on your website by having a “Contact Us” page that includes links to all of your social media accounts. Then link to that page from every place possible throughout the site, so people are constantly reminded that they have other options besides just using email or speaking with someone directly over the phone.

It might surprise you how often people will visit a company website but not contact them because it was too inconvenient. If they find out about an easy connection method somewhere else, though, you could lose their business.

2. Respond to Messages Quickly

Whether comments, messages, or emails are coming in, it’s essential to respond to inquiries and direct questions as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are on vacation when someone is reaching out.

Be sure that someone is designated to respond when it’s not convenient for you, so your customers don’t have to wait long or find another solution. Also, try scheduling every week or two to keep up with messages coming in, so you always respond quickly.

3. Provide Valuable Content

Answer queries with valuable content wherever possible. Don’t just be a bot telling people they need your services. Here are some examples of helpful content you can provide to potential customers.

Tips and Tricks

Everyone loves tips and tricks, especially when it comes to how-to projects. Use your blog or social media platform of choice to post helpful articles that will teach people something new about landscaping.

Let them know that there are ways they can reduce the cost of landscaping by doing certain things themselves, or include articles about how they can use less water in their yard.

Strategies for Marketing Your Landscaping Business on Social Media

News Updates

Your company has changed, grown, or even shrunk. People want to know the latest news about your landscaping business, so feel free to send out a monthly email newsletter letting them know what’s going on with you and share any new services that you now offer or events that are coming up that they should be aware of.

These updates will let people know that they can count on you to continue providing high-quality service and products for them, and it will help build a relationship with your customers.

Progress Pictures

People are visual creatures, so posting photos of your completed projects on your social media accounts is essential. This allows people to see that you do quality work. It also gives them a more personal look into what you do without requiring them to visit your website where they may not have taken the time to read blog posts or other content.

Make sure that all of these strategies are included in your social media plan for the coming year, and you will be well on your way to having a successful social media marketing campaign. When you post valuable content for potential customers, they will be more interested in hiring you.


It’s no secret that social media is a powerful resource for growing your business, but only if you are using it correctly to connect with the right people. If you think your landscaping company isn’t doing so well on social media compared to others in your region, consider these strategies to see if they are more effective at contacting people who can best help them with their needs.

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