How to Create the Perfect Gaming Room

How to Create the Perfect Gaming Room

Playing video games on a console or your PC is a great way to relax, have some fun, and improve your hand-eye coordination.

Although becoming absorbed in a game for hours on end is an excellent way to switch off to the world and unwind, the proper gaming setup will make the entire experience even more enjoyable.

Here are our top tips for designing a perfect gaming room that will enhance your immersive gaming experience – from choosing comfy seating to where you should place your speakers.

Consider the Size of the Room

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the ideal size of a gaming room, the amount of space you have available will dictate the layout and furniture placement.

If you have a room you plan to convert into a gaming room; you may have to work with a smaller space. If you are building a gaming room from scratch, bigger is generally better.

When you decide to create a gaming room, make sure all of your gaming furniture, equipment, and accessories will fit inside the space and leave a little extra room for anything you may want to add in the future.

types of gaming chairs

Another important thing to consider is whether you’ll be gaming solo or LAN style with buddies. If you enjoy playing games with your friends, you’ll want to make sure you have enough seating to accommodate a few other people in your gaming room.

Storage and Seating

As you accumulate more accessories and equipment for your gaming hobby, you’ll need to think about storing everything neatly so you can stay organized.

Consider fitted furniture like mounted shelves and display units for your walls to maximize the available floor space. Investing in a storage piece like a storage cocktail ottoman will also provide extra seating if you need it, and you can stash wiring and equipment inside.

Alternatively, opt for storage cubes that you can stack or slide under a desk when you’re not using them. For your controllers, consider purchasing wall mounts to store them on when they’re not in use.

A comfortable chair is a must for any gamer – and a professional gaming chair is even better. Professional gaming chairs are designed to provide the proper lumbar support, reducing shoulder, back, and neck stiffness or pain. If you plan to enjoy your gaming room for hours at a stretch, a comfortable gaming chair is a must.

Accent Lighting

The lighting you choose is essential for a game room to be as immersive as possible. Your video game room’s lighting should be similar to a home cinema – not too bright, but bright enough to prevent eye strain and see your surroundings.

When setting up your lighting, avoid hanging light fittings in front of your screen – reflections can be annoying and distract you from your game. If you decide to use a projector, the room should be almost completely dark.

Recessed spotlights and wall sconces will provide atmospheric down-lighting that won’t interfere with your screen, and colored LED strip lights can be a fun and practical way to light your gaming room.

A Good Gaming Desk

When setting up your gaming room, a sturdy desk at the right height can make all the difference to your performance in the game because you’ll be more comfortable.

When purchasing your gaming desk, make sure it’s large enough to accommodate the broadest movements of your mouse, and be sure to take measurements to ensure that it will fit in your room.

Although the style of desk you choose won’t make a difference to your gaming performance, selecting a desk that’s aesthetically pleasing and making sure it matches your room’s theme or décor will take your gaming room to another level.

Invest in Good Speakers

With most games, the sound is important. For a truly immersive gaming experience, consider investing in some high-quality surround-sound speakers.

The speakers you choose will enhance your gaming experience and allow you to hear the quieter sounds in the game that may signal danger.

How to Create the Perfect Gaming Room

It doesn’t matter if you currently use a PC or a handheld console to play your video games; some good speakers with surround sound are definitely worth the outlay.

A TV or a Projector

If you have the budget, a large flat-screen TV designed for gaming will provide the best gaming experience. The latest TV technology offers superbly crisp images with the most vivid colors and viewing angles. Alternatively, you may decide to purchase a projector that supports split-screen gaming.

If you don’t have the budget for a TV or projector, you can continue to play on your monitor – just bear in mind that you’ll have to sit closer to the screen.

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