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Work From Home Essentials Which Can Improve Your Productivity

Work from home is a way of life for many people, and with the rise in remote work, it’s a trend that is here to stay. With the recent pandemic which forces workers to switch to work from home, many people are looking for ways to be more productive while working from home.

Studies have shown that working from home can be more productive than going to a physical office. It’s a lifestyle choice for many, but it requires a different set of working essentials to stay productive and happy.

However, for those who are currently employed in an office environment and looking at ways to improve their daily work routine, you can also apply these essentials to increase productivity.

1. A Good Workstation Set Up

One of the most important factors which affect your productivity is your physical environment. Having a shaky table with loose legs can be very frustrating and even dangerous when working on your computer. It’s important to make sure that your workstation is sturdy.


A study published in Applied Ergonomics has shown that using a height-adjustable desk can significantly improve your productivity by nearly 25%. So invest in a good height adjustable desk, and you’ll see this number go higher.

2. Have A Designated Work Area

If possible, try to set up a designated work area in your house with fast internet, preferably an ethernet connection . It can be in your bedroom, office or any other room that you prefer. This will help train your brain to associate that specific space with work and you’ll be more productive.

It’s also a good way to avoid distractions when working from home. One tip is to try to decorate your working space to make it clustered and not too open to other areas at your home. One decorating which works perfectly is a closed window with a curtain to avoid distraction from outside. Invest in good materials such as linen curtains. It looks fancy but also doesn’t lose the homey touch for your interior.

3. A Clean, Comfortable Working Space

This one might sound silly, but you’ll be surprised how much having a clean and comfortable workspace can affect your productivity. You are more likely to be productive in an organized workstation with everything within reach. Keeping things neat and tidy might sound very simple, but it does play a big factor in staying productive.

4. Wearing The Right Clothes

This one is especially for those who work from home. It’s important that you are dressed in the right outfit for the day.

If you’re working on a project that requires you to be very focused, it’s not a good idea to wear something too comfortable like pajamas or sweats. You might want to wear something that makes you feel more professional and can help you stay focused. The rules apply in reverse for more casual working. Go with a comfortable outfit if your work doesn’t demand for any formalities.

5. Get Organized

One of the reasons why people are not as productive when working from home is because they are scattered. They have no sense of organization and can’t find things when they need it.

work-from-home essentials

It’s important to stay organized and keep track of your daily tasks, especially when working from home. Make sure you have a schedule for the day and list down everything that needs to be done. It can be on plain paper or an app on your phone.

6. Have A Set Working Hours

Like going to an office, working from home can also have breaks and downtime. It’s important to have a regular routine when it comes to work so you don’t lose track of your time, besides optimizing your spinal health.

Set a regular schedule for yourself and try to stick with it as much as possible. This will also help in avoiding distractions when working from home.

Work From Home Essentials To Improve Productivity

7. Take Breaks

Although it’s important to have a set schedule, it’s also important to take breaks.

Sticking to a routine all day can be very tiring and you might not be as productive in the second half of your day. It’s important to take a break and recharge yourself before continuing with your work.

These work-from-home essentials will help you and your team stay productive and focused, so if you want to give remote working a try, start with these must-haves and see how it goes.

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