6 Ways to Use a Live Video Streams as a Sales Tool

Among many marketing strategies which are used nowadays, one has emerged as a powerful tool to increase your sales – live video streams.  It refers to online streaming media that is simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time. Researchers have found that marketing based on video materials is a fortune-worth opportunity, so it is a valuable asset in promoting your business.

Here are the top 6 ways to use live video streams as a sales tool:

1. Create pre-event trailers and notifications

Share teaser videos and notifications on social media channels to inform your audience about the event. A pre-event campaign a few days prior to your live stream video will make a good start. Many cloud multi-streaming services have a social alert feature tool which will post your live stream video to all connected channels. Lots of people who live video stream regularly and consistently at a fixed time e.g. every Friday at 19:00.

2. Live stream product launches and demos

You can invite an influencer, celebrity or trend-setter to encourage the audience to buy a new, little-known product. This method might be costly, but will bring a quick return on investment and high yield in the future. Another area to invest also is hardware for live productions that will produce high-quality video and audio while you are on the shoot. You can also apply custom layouts and polish your whole prod.

Product demos will help familiarize the audience with a new product and thus translate into future sales. For these particular purposes, this online streaming video player offers you the possibility of customizing your streaming according to your goals.

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3. Give “buy-now” discounts

A great deal of customers are impulsive buyers. A ”buy now” slogan will encourage them to click on the “buy” window. These buy and deal-settling windows will encourage them to make a fast and easy purchase. By giving the audience a limited time period discount, you create a feeling of urgency which usually turns into a deal by the end of the session.

4. Establish live auctions with competitions

This function works similarly to “buy-now” discounts option. Your viewers will take part in a competition which will fish out the only winner, who will be the person with the best knowledge of your products or services. The prize could be a free product or service, a free gift or accessory, a coupon or a (substantial) discount. This method will help you raise awareness in viewers regarding your products or services.


5. Organize a live streaming  webinar

Live webinars have one big advantage over other forms: the viewers can see your live and active performance. Live webinars also provide space for Q&A, live chat and demos or story-sharing experiences. These factors contribute to higher traffic on your site and consequently-more transactions.

6. Stream to various platforms

It is not advisable to choose just one platform to advertise your products or services, but tune to all the platforms where you can find your audience. Additionally, the Restream Studio is a tool you can use in your ads. It`s a cloud multistreaming service which allows you to stream the live video to different sites.

Live video streams revolve around building a strong relationship with your audience and creating a strong demand for your brand. Thanks to them you can expand your reach quickly, efficiently, and without adding too much to your overhead.

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