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5 Tips for Going Live on Instagram

To be successful on Instagram, it is necessary to be a part of the latest trends. Instagram Live is a relatively new term. Almost every social media platform is offering this feature of going live. Most of the stuff you see on Instagram is simply perfect looking. Instagrammers are addicted to portrait themselves perfectly to maintain users and fanbase.

To distinguish yourself from the other users, you have to do something distinct. One of the best ways to be distinctive is to organize your content. Instagram Growth Services can be beneficial and save a lot of time that you can utilize to focus on content. Instagram growth services are all about organizing and, as the name says, growing your feed.

If you are running a successful Instagram account or aiming to run one, this article is for you. Whenever a new feature is introduced, your followers look forward to you before trying it themselves. People are influenced by the Instagrammers they follow. This is why it is essential to present everything at its best.

Although the feature of going live has been on Instagram for a while now, most people don’t realize its purpose. You will see blank faces who don’t have a clue what to say. To overcome this problem, we are here with some tips for going live on Instagram that will change the concept for you.



1. Create Hype

Consider your Instagram account as a shop and yourself as a merchant. The marketing of the product determines its success. Live videos, photos, and stories are the products that you offer. Likes and the number of followers is the currency that you trade-in. The best marketing strategy that has been successful for centuries is to create hype. Create proper hype so that people anticipate the reveal of your product, i.e., your live video.

Notify them long before going live and start working on the content then. Keep posting reminders in your stories, so they don’t miss it. Be a good marketer, and you will be successful on Instagram.

2. Create Notes

Creating notes is a part of organizing, and a prepared person is unbeaten. When you are brainstorming for ideas, create sticky notes and recite them several times. You can also stick these notes on the wall in front of you while going live.

People are often over-confident that they will be able to remember all the details. When they come in front of the camera, and the number of viewers rises they get confused. To save yourself from this embarrassment and to deliver a proper presentation, make notes of your ideas before going live on Instagram.

3. Engage People

To build up a connection with the audience, it is essential to engage them. Interact with them so that they feel that this session is for them. If you keep on saying things or doing your own stuff without engaging, people will lose interest soon. Keep interacting with people. It will also help you in comforting yourself.


4. Answer Questions

The best way to retain your audience is to answer their questions. Your followers are very curious to know about you so let them know. It is not recommended to go deeply personal but to answer a decent number of questions.

5. Encourage Comments

To increase your audience, you have to satisfy the existing one. Comments are there for you, and you have to encourage more for a successful session. Live videos are for your audience, basically. Maintaining interaction with them is the key to success. This is why you should encourage comments and also encourage people to share the live video.

Salman Zafar

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