Why is Tiktok So Popular

The Rise of TikTok and the Future of Social Media

TikTok, known as Douyin in China, was launched in the fall of 2016 by ByteDance. Almost a year after its launch, ByteDance also acquired the popular Musical.ly app and merged it with TikTok for a larger audience. As of now, TikTok boasts 1.39 billion active users worldwide, and it was the most downloaded app in 2022 globally.

As this app is booming, content creators and even brands are implementing various organic growth tools and strategies to get TikTok followers rapidly for several benefits. Whereas TikTok marketing courses are also readily available online to leverage the best features in a cinch.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the rise of TikTok and what the future holds for other social media sites. Keep reading to explore!

Social Media Viral Marketing Strategies

What Makes TikTok Special?

The predecessors of TikTok, such as Musical.ly and Vine, also encouraged users to create bite-sized videos. However, TikTok came up with several unique features.

Users can create from 15 seconds to 10 minutes long videos on this social media app, but most still prefer to make short videos to attract user attention.

You can add trending songs to your videos, live stream, sound effects, tons of filters and text to your videos, and even respond to content with a video!

TikTok users can access “trending hashtags” on the platform to join the challenges and show their unique and creative side doing the challenge. This is an excellent feature by TikTok to entice users into making short, captivating videos.

What Made TikTok Get So Popular?

TikTok has the power to make songs a hit! Since this site is mostly about creating engaging content by lip-syncing the lyrics or dancing to a song, any song has a chance of going viral the next day.

The best example is the annoyingly catchy song “Baby Shark,” which had been on YouTube for a long time. However, it only got viral when TikTok creators introduced it to this platform.

Furthermore, the TikTok algorithm works differently from other social media platforms. The other social media platform’s algorithm, like Instagram and Facebook, works based on essential metrics like the number of followers and likes, shares, comments, etc.

TikTok is pretty simple in this case, which is one of the reasons why it’s so easy to get accompanied by this app. As you watch videos of interest, the algorithm starts getting trained and only shows you videos based on your watch history.

That’s why content creators and users find it incredibly simple to use, hence, its popularity. Brands can promote their products and services on this platform by creating content that would attract their relevant audience for hassle-free marketing.

Influence of TikTok on Social Media

Do you know that video content is king nowadays? The reason for its popularity: TikTok. From live streams to short videos, other social media sites have considered how video content can help individuals and brands with their marketing strategies from the rise in popularity of TikTok. Most probably, the same will continue in the future as well for quite some time.

Why is Tiktok So Popular

Here is how different social media sites have incorporated new features from getting inspired by TikTok:

1. YouTube

YouTube released “shorts” in 2021, which are the exact inspiration from TikTok videos. Users can scroll through short videos and keep watching videos they like.

2. Facebook

To attract and retain a younger audience on Facebook, the company introduced live streaming and video playlists.

3. Instagram

Instagram also allows its audience to go live and put videos on their stories. Not long ago, it also launched Instagram Reels, which are 60-second long videos, and they have proven to be successful for Instagrammers so far.

4. Twitter

Twitter has been leveraging video content for a long time. However, it went a step ahead to introduce live feeds, taking inspiration from TikTok, and they have been attracting Twitter users as well.

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