biomethane environmental benefits

What Are the Benefits of Biomethane to the Environment?

The planet is already suffering because of questionable environmental practices. It is becoming increasingly necessary to find sustainable solutions to save the earth. One of the solutions comes in the form of alternative energy sources.

Biomethane is counted among the few alternatives of energy sources. This is because it is both renewable and eco-friendly. While it is not completely free of greenhouse gases, it does not add to the problem of global warming. Instead, it helps to prevent it.

Environmental Benefits of Biomethane

Biomethane comes with a number of benefits for the environment. MBP Solutions uses biomethane to create its biodegradable products.

1. Cuts Down the Need for Fossil Fuels

Biomethane contains similar qualities as natural gas or fossil fuel. For this reason, it can be used in place of natural gas. Moreover, it can be used as an alternative to oil and coal. Biomethane can also be burned to generate electricity or heat.

When it burned, it discharges carbon dioxide and a variety of other greenhouse gases. However, it does not increase the levels of carbon dioxide in the air. This is because when organic matter decomposes naturally, it discharges the same amount of carbon dioxide.

Biomethane is produced, so it works the same way.

2. Reduces Pollution in Air, Water and Soil

In the absence of harmful fossil fuels, pollution is lowered. Reduced pollution helps to lower the risk of potentially fatal accidents. Biomethane also helps in the reduction of pollution in water, air and soil by organic materials.

Organic matter may not be harmful to the environment. However, if large volumes of slurry are released into rivers or other water bodies, the environment could be seriously damaged. It is, therefore, best to keep organic matter away from water bodies.

3. Preservation of Forests

Alternative fuels could reduce the use of firewood as the dominant source of heat in many parts of the globe. The use of firewood as fuel or source of heat would not be a problem if forests were managed sustainably.

Unfortunately, they are not. The growth in population has not helped much. People need wood not only as a source of fuel, but also to build their homes. This often results in unmonitored logging which raised the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

biomethane environmental benefits

Trees absorb dangerous greenhouse gasses. Cutting them down ensures there are fewer trees to absorb these gasses, which means their concentration in the air increases.

If people would buy reclaimed and recycled wooden products, this would reduce the need to fell down trees. Also, an alternative eco-friendly energy source such as biomethane would reduce the use of firewood for fuel. Hence, forests and biodiversity would be preserved.

4. Decreasing the Emission of Greenhouse Gases into the Atmosphere

This is possibly the greatest and most important benefit of them all. A reduction of greenhouse gases results in a cleaner, healthier environment. A lot of the disasters caused by climatic change could be a thing of the past.

Biomethane does not boost the concentration of harmful gases in the air. Gases such as carbon dioxide are discharged into the atmosphere through the natural decomposition process of organic materials.

Biomethane is ultimately one of the best ways to replace fossil sources of energy without adding to the ozone problem. The warming of the planet is dangerous for all living things on the planet including human beings.

5. Reducing Interference with Nature

To produce biomethane, all that is needed are storage facilities and digester tanks. Biomethane does not add anything harmful to the natural makeup of the atmosphere. Biogas plants do not interfere with the natural ecosystems either.

On the other hand, processes such as coal mining, natural gas and oil extraction are not good for the environment. In addition, a number of renewable sources of energy do not augur well for the planet.


To conclude, the use of biomethane as an alternative source of fuel and energy helps to preserve the environment. It replaces many of the energy sources which are toxic and therefore contribute to the ozone problem. You can be a part of the solution by incorporating the use of bio-friendly energy sources for everyday use.

Salman Zafar

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