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Oral Health Habits That May Be Harming You

Plenty of information is available on dental hygiene tips to better your oral health. However, people are often less aware of the dangerous and destructive behaviors they engage in every day when it comes to caring for their teeth. Learn what to avoid to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Going to the Wrong Dentist

Taking care of teeth at home is important, but so is going to the right dentist. Individuals who are looking for a new dentist are encouraged to select a professional who can cater to their specific needs. For example, parents should bring their kids to a pediatric dentist. Patients who have particular dental diseases would look for dentists who specialize in those issues. Simply switching to the right dentist can make a tremendous difference in terms of oral hygiene and in getting the right guidance.

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Skipping Nighttime Brushing

Many people are eager to brush their teeth in the morning to eliminate foul breath that builds up over night. However, after a long day, some individuals just want to climb into bed and skip brushing their teeth. Brushing two or even three times a day is actually quite important for maintaining dental health. Try to brush earlier in the evening, though after dinner, so it’s less tempting to go right to sleep after putting on pajamas.

Using the Wrong Tools

Dentists often provide toothbrushes to their patients. However, upon getting home, those patients sometimes toss these brushes aside and return to their old brushes. Consider how using a toothbrush directly from the dentist is a smart approach. Speak with the dentist about what toothpaste, floss or water flossing tool, and mouthwash are the right fit. Patients’ needs can vary depending upon their dental health and conditions. For example, someone with gingivitis may benefit from using different products.

Having Sugary Treats

While avoiding sugar entirely isn’t necessary to bolster dental health, too much sugar is a problem. Cutting back on sweets helps people to have healthier teeth. Also, switching to a sugar-free product is the best move for individuals who like to chew gum.

Speaking with the dentist about how much sugar is appropriate can give patients a more specific idea of how to proceed based on their personal dental conditions and dietary preferences. Remember that soda can have a lot of sugar in it, so consider diet options. Many sugar-free sodas are full of flavor and readily available on today’s market. Fancy coffee drinks could also be filled with sugar.

Smoking and Using Tobacco

When people think of the problems associated with smoking and using tobacco, they often imagine issues like lung cancer. However, smoking and tobacco usage can have negative effects for dental health as well. Quitting the use of these products is difficult, but the dentist can offer some effective strategies for doing so. Even starting by cutting back a little can eventually lead to quitting entirely.

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Grinding the Teeth

Some people grind their teeth, which is not good for dental health. Teeth grinding could be a result of sleep apnea, which is a serious condition. Consulting with both a dentist and doctor can help individuals find solutions to this troublesome health issue. According to this dental expert who does who does cosmetic dentistry in Greenville SC, in most cases, your dentist may suggest getting a night guard.

Having a healthy smile is about more than just looking good. Individuals also have to find ways to stop engaging in bad habits.

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