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5 Top Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor activities are essential for the overall growth and personality development of children as it gives them an opportunity to learn new things, boosts their creativity and nurtures their connection with nature.  It also helps kids in getting off their screens, acquiring social skills, getting closer to parents, developing a positive attitude and ultimately leading a healthier lifestyle.

Below are the some of the best outdoor activities for your child:

1. Obstacle Courses

For this outdoor activity the things you will need are two chairs and a pool noodle. You only need to keep the 2 chairs adjacent to each other and keep the pool noodle on top, and there you have it your new custom Obstacle Course, which is both time and money-efficient.


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2. Ice Painting

Ice Painting is a great outdoor activity for kids to engage in it allows exploration of texture and art. All that is needed for this activity is an ice cube tray, tempera paint, Popsicle sticks, and paper. First start with adding water to the ice cube tray then mix some tempera paint and stir the color’s well with the water then add a popsicle stick into ice cube  and just simply freeze the coloured water. When it’s frozen you have perfect water colour cubes which you can use anytime on paper, and keep your children engaged.


3. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a very fun and interesting game for children. Simply write numbers in square boxes, and they can play it with many of their friends. You can also make it more interesting by changing some of its rules like on each box touch your toes and twirl.


4. Painting Nature

For this activity you will need a piece of paper and a pencil and of course colour pencils. Now sit in front of a space like your garden where nature can be seen like a place where there are  Houses, Trees, Flowers, Plants and Mountains etc.


5. Gardening

Now this doesn’t need to be intense, just keep it pretty simple like watering plants, planting new trees and plants so, that they know what the uses of trees and plants are so as to understand their importance in our lives. Contact tree care professionals to learn more about how to take the best care of your trees and plants.


Bottom Line

A wide range of outdoor activities are available to help your child to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, and persuade them to drastically cut down the time spent in front of TV screens, cellphones and tablets.  Outdoor activities will not only help in making kids physically stronger but also assist in their overall personality development.

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