Packing Up on Protein? The Meal Deliveries Worth Mentioning!

As a subscriber to Men’s Health I can honestly say that the value of a protein based diet cannot be underestimated. I’ve tried many diets in my time and usually and always they fall by the waste side. Sometimes they’re too hard, sometimes the knowledge of healthy eating isn’t something that you will know instantly.

However, there is something that I have seen work wonders and that is the benefits of a protein diet. Protein based diets are healthy, and easy to implement. Reducing your carbs in a diet is not so complicated. We simply resolve to reduce our intake of bread, empty carbs and focus our attention on proteins, like meat, eggs and fish.

However, sometimes we can come to a standstill and we do not know that plant based proteins that can be also be utilised in a healthy, protein rich diet. That is why an emerging company called Plant Sumo, is preparing plant based Protein meal deliveries that can be brought to any dieters door.


Why a Protein Diet?

Protein is one of three core macronutrients along with carbohydrates and fat and are essential in the maintenance of your bones, your muscles and skin. Protein also provides the enzymes and good functioning of your blood cells.

It is the molecular building blocks of your system and as a living organism. Therefore a rich protein intake is essential for your diet and cannot be removed.

However, there are differing opinions as to how heavily carbohydrates and fats should play a role. There have been numerous health studies that have shown that making protein the focus of your diet can satiate you, making you less likely to binge on snack foods.

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Plant Sumos Protein Meal Delivery

That is why some of the protein meals that Plant Sumo are offering should be reviewed. The defining feature of their meals are that they are protein rich. This is the great selling point of their products. If you are looking to start a protein rich diet, but haven’t yet got the time to prepare your meals, then Plant Sumo is the answer.

They run a Plant based protein meal delivery service that is operating throughout Central London. Their dishes, such as the Stir Fry Seitan are nutritious and packed with the plant protein that you are looking to build your diet with.

There is a subscription service attached to their website. This means that multiple readily prepared meals can be delivered to your office or to your front door multiple times a week .

They have a dish called Soul Curry and it ticks all the boxes. The meal is protein rich with chickpeas and lentils and is a great way to enrich your diet if you’re trying to steer away from tuna or chicken.

That is the one things that people tend to overlook when it comes to eating a protein rich diet. Their assumption is that the focus will be meat and eggs. People aren’t aware that legumes are one of the most easiest and nutritious ways of keeping a diet protein rich.

Legumes are the leading example of why protein is also plant based. When keeping this diet, this plant based protein meal can be delivered straight to your door.

Salman Zafar

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