basics of muscle building

The Fundamentals of Muscle Building

Having a fitness routine in place isn’t just about getting a good cardiovascular workout. Strength training and muscle building are also essential aspects of keeping in good shape. For newcomers to the world of physical fitness, these tasks can feel more intimidating than improving cardiovascular health. Learning about the fundamentals of muscle building can make it easier to get started.

Why Worry About Muscle Building?

Some people assume that increasing muscle mass is only important for bodybuilders. However, it’s not all about looking good at the beach. Building and maintaining muscle mass is also important for overall health.


The good thing is that for people who are completely new to the world of physical fitness, it’s easy to start making progress quickly. Tools like bodybuilding digestive enzymes can boost muscle tissue synthesis, and developing an exercise plan that incorporates strength training at least three times per week will provide surprisingly fast results. Over time, people will notice:

  • Stronger joints and fewer joint injuries
  • Better balance
  • Faster weight loss
  • Stronger bones
  • Improved blood composition
  • Greater levels of enjoyment from other types of exercise
  • Improved appearance

Understanding Muscle Hypertrophy

Muscle hypertrophy is the scientific term for the increase in the growth of muscle cells. This process is typically kickstarted by resistance training and is caused by the muscles’ adaptation to progressive overload. Progressive overloading of muscles results in an increase in fiber size, which leads to physically larger muscles as well as greater strength.

Progressive overload is a process that takes place over months. At first, the gains seen by heading to the gym and performing strength and resistance training exercises will be dramatic. However, as hypertrophy occurs, people need to put more work into generating new muscle mass.

Tips for Building Muscle

There’s no shortcut to building muscle. However, experts have plenty to say on the subject of how best to get started and how to stick to a training routine. Their top tips include:

Providing Plenty of Fuel

Building muscle requires the body to store protein in a process referred to as protein synthesis. However, the body needs protein for all kinds of other purposes, as well. When starting a muscle-building fitness routine, people should provide their bodies with plenty of fuel in the form of extra dietary or supplemental protein.

Incorporating Multi-Joint Movements

Some people get stuck on just one muscle group. However, all the bicep curls in the world aren’t going to help with building other muscles. Instead, try to choose exercises that challenge multiple muscle groups at once to stimulate balanced growth.

Avoiding Fatigue

Training at 100% every day leaves people exhausted and reduces the chances that the targeted muscles will have time to grow. Instead, experts recommend choosing different muscle groups to work on during each session and limiting weight room workouts to no more than 16 total sets per week.

basics of muscle building

Maximizing Time Under Tension

Time under tension refers to the amount of time that the muscles are working, and it’s an often-overlooked form of progressive overload. Instead of increasing weight, bodybuilders sometimes increase the time under tension to encourage extra growth.

The Best Time to Get Started Is Now

Whether people are completely new to the world of muscle building and strength training or they’ve simply fallen out of their routines and want to get back to the gym, there’s no better time to start than now. Just don’t go overboard. Follow the advice above and give the body plenty of time to heal between workouts.

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