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Solutions to the Top 7 Bathroom Cleaning Problems That Many People Need

Cleaning a bathroom can be pretty troublesome as the warm and moist environment promotes the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold. Add to this, hard water stains on lustrous and smooth surfaces such as glass make the décor elements lose its beauty and aesthetic appeal. However, there’s no need to worry as the best solutions for cleaning your bathroom are found in your home’s storeroom and kitchen. There’s nothing much extra and all that matters is that you know the right solutions and the right techniques. Here are the top 7 bathroom cleaning problems many people face and their effective solutions:


1. Glass Shower Door Water Stains

Hard water is perhaps the glass’s worst enemy as it leaves stubborn and hard-to-clean stains on the lustrous surface of the glass. Glass shower doors are incorporated in a bathroom space to augment the overall aesthetic beauty and visual appeal. and nobody likes filmy shower doors with a mineral buildup. Well, how to get rid of hard water stains, there’s a simple cleaning solution to remove these stubborn water stains, and this solution can be prepared easily at your own home.


All you need is baking soda, salt, and white vinegar. Sprinkle the white vinegar on the glass shower door and let it sit for a few minutes before applying a cleaning paste made with salt and baking soda in equal amounts. Rub this paste on the glass shower door with the help of a damp sponge and then rinse the door with warm water.

2. Mildew on Bathroom Grout

Tile grout is the mildew’s favorite place to live, grow, and make our bathroom dirty and unhygienic. This mildew doesn’t take long to build up along the fine lines of a tile grout as it’s truly a perfect place for such bacteria. However, there’s a simple effective DIY bathroom cleaning hack to get rid of mildew from the bathroom grout with the aid of vinegar and bleach. Mildew may be stubborn but it is no match to the cleaning power of vinegar that removes mildew effectively.


A solution made with vinegar and old toothpaste works the best for scrubbing the mildew off the tile grout or you can also sprinkle vinegar on mildew and leave it for 10-12 minutes and let it work its charm. Homeowners also use bleach to clean tile grouts and this solution is prepared by mixing equal part chloride bleach and equal part water. Afterward, all you need is to rinse the tiles with warm water and clean with a white cotton cloth.

3. Stickers on Smooth Surfaces

Glass and other smooth surfaces in the bathroom such as bathtubs are only as beautiful as their lustrous appeal. That’s why it is important to be extra cautious when removing stubborn stickers from the surface of the glass. Patience is the key to this art and scrapping the smooth surface with hard metal or other scrappers is never recommended. Quite often, laundry pretreatment products, baking soda, washing soda, or heat works the best for removing these stickers.


For less stubborn stickers, a simple solution of soapy waters also works. However, it is essential to sprinkle the solution on the smooth surface, soak the sticker completely, and let it weaken before trying to remove the sticker. A weakened sticker requires no scraping tool and can be peeled off easily.

4. Soap Scum on Bathroom Faucet

Next to hard water stains, soap scum is the bathroom’s second-worst enemy. This stubborn soap scum builds up on bathroom faucets, shower doors, and every other place where it doesn’t belong. The only effective way to prevent and remove soap scum is to maintain and clean the bathroom regularly. Furniture oil serves as a great preventive measure and lemon oil furniture polish is perhaps the most commonly used solution.


For cleaning the soap scum, distilled white vinegar is an ideal homemade cleaning solution to clean the chrome and stainless steel fixtures and bathroom faucets. After cleaning, it is recommended to apply furniture oil on the faucet and let it sit for a couple of minutes before cleaning with a dry cloth. This adds an extra preventive layer on the bathroom faucet and avoids the buildup of soap scum.

5. Hassle of Cleaning Bathroom Nooks

The nooks and crevices in a bathroom space are incredibly hard to clean and there’s often something left out. However, with the right tool, you can make cleaning bathroom nooks easy and hassle-free. Here the right tool is an old toothbrush.


A simple toothbrush can be made into an effective and time-saving bathroom cleaner by wrapping a paper towel sprayed with bathroom cleaner on the toothbrush’s bristle end. Cleaning the nooks and crannies of the bathroom with this tool softens the grime buildup and dirt, and makes it easy to mop and clean with a damp sponge.

6. Metal Rust in the Bathroom

Brass fixtures look amazing and are incredibly pleasing to the eye. However, these metal fixtures are prone to rust. The good thing is that you don’t need an expensive brass cleaner to clean the rust as this can be easily done with the help of lemon juice and baking soda. A paste made with baking soda and lemon juice in an equal portion is highly effective while an old toothbrush is a perfect tool for cleaning these fixtures and restoring their lustrous appeal.


7. Dirty Shower Curtains

Mildew not only grows on bathroom grout as shower curtains are often crawling with dirty and unhygienic mildew. However, there’s an easy and low-cost solution for cleaning dirty shower curtains. This solution is prepared in a plastic bucket by mixing a gallon of warm water with half-cup bleach.


A sponge is best used to clean the curtains with this solution and this works effectively against mildew and other bacteria. Afterward, the curtains can be rinsed with the aid of the showerhead. Alternatively, you can also toss the dirty shower curtain liners in the washer for more thorough cleaning.

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  1. Really easy to use and smells lush. Just spray and go. Really good product for a middle aged man who doesn’t really understand cleaning, like when to clean and how long etc. I just spray after a shower and that’s literally it. Amazing

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