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6 Useful Tips to Rent a Car in the USA

Are you planning to rent a vehicle when traveling to the US? This country is unquestionably among the best destinations for car hires because of its wide roads, numerous highways, scenic routes, affordable fuel, and budget-friendly rental rates.

In order for the rental process to have no obstructions, you need to get familiar with the rules and regulations that accompany it. Apart from having the necessary documents, you also need to consider the gas tank requirements, insurance, type of vehicle, and its condition.

If traveling to the USA, these useful tips will help you rent an auto.

1. Have the proper documents

In order to hire an auto in the United States, the driver is supposed to provide the required documents, such as a driving license. The largest part of rental companies in this country requires drivers to be at least twenty-one years old. Nevertheless, there are exceptions in certain states where the lowest age limit is eighteen years. Read more about the USA age requirements for renting an auto.

Moreover, the age limit might also depend on the type of vehicle you plan to rent. Some auto models require drivers to be older than eighteen in order to drive. Also, young drivers between the age of 21 and 25 are usually obliged to pay additional insurance.

When a traveler plans to rent an auto in the US, he/she must have a valid driving license from his/her home country. Some states even require drivers to have an International Driving Permit (IDP), which has to be presented to the company when renting the auto. It’s important to contact the rental firm in advance to inquire whether you need to present an IDP. These permits are issued in the home country of drivers, which is why you should know their requirements beforehand.

Additionally, older drivers should check the age limit requirements as well. Even though most firms impose no limitations regarding maximum age, some agencies require drivers to be no older than seventy-five or eighty.

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Another type of document drivers need to present to the firm is their credit card. Some rental agencies allow clients to make payments with a debit card. Nevertheless, you’ll still be required to provide a valid credit card when getting the auto. A credit card is necessary for the firm to make a deposit. Also, the card must be in the same name as the driver. For guidance on the difference between a debit card and a debit card, click here.

2. Beware of excess insurance

After making sure you have the necessary documents, it’s time to analyze the insurance. Rental autos come with legal minimum insurance, which doesn’t cover any potential damage or loss of the car. Therefore, car rental agencies offer enhanced insurance at an additional daily cost, which ranges between $10 and $20.

Nevertheless, since most drivers find such insurance expensive, they either purchase liability insurance or take advantage of the complimentary car hire insurance provided by some credit cards, such as American Express. By using this card to pay for the charges, you will be provided with some kind of insurance. Also, the state of New York obliges rental agencies to offer liability insurance along with the rented car.

3. Consider gas tank requirements

Another important car rental aspect is the gas tank, which is full when the auto is handed to the client and should be returned full. In case the gas tank is not entirely full when the car is dropped off, the company representatives will note the exact tank level, whether it’s half full, ¾ full, etc. Anyhow, car rental firms provide a couple of alternatives regarding gas tanks.

For instance, when hiring a vehicle in the United States, you have the alternative to prepay a full tank, fill the fuel reservoir on your own before returning the vehicle, or ask the agency to fill the missing gas amount. You are suggested to use either the first or second alternative, as the last option might turn out to be costly. The ultimate option should be your last resort, like in the case of being in a rush, as gas will be charged double by the company. For instance, the price of a gallon might reach between eight and ten dollars.

4. Select the right vehicle

The only way to enjoy your road trip in the US is by selecting the right vehicle. Rental car agencies provide an extensive assortment of autos, including compact, medium, large, SUV, minivans, vans, convertibles, etc. Car hire booking engines, such as – bilutleie USA, help individuals find the best vehicles to match their needs. The choice of vehicle depends on the type of trip people plan to have.

car rental in usa

For example, convertibles are the right choice for drivers who wish to experience the classic American road trip feeling. In contrast, family cars are best suited for family trips, including safety seats for children of different ages. The size of the vehicle influences fuel consumption and comfort while driving. Smaller autos consume less fuel but provide less comfort. Conversely, medium-sized cars are more comfortable to drive, but fuel consumption is higher.

5. Consider GPS navigation

Another important aspect to take into account when renting a vehicle is the GPS navigation system. Most agencies provide drivers with an opportunity to use such systems at an extra cost like $10 a day. These GPS systems are worthwhile investing, as the route maps are constantly updated to include layout changes and roadworks.

Moreover, these GPS systems provide traffic data, which helps drivers keep track of traffic jams, road accidents, and other situations that might slow down their journey. The system also provides an alternative route in order to speed up your trip. If you are interested in using GPS on your smartphone during your trip, make sure to get a SIM card.

6. Inspect the condition of the car

When picking the automobile up, you are strongly advised to inspect its condition. Rental agencies aren’t exactly keen on performing detailed inspections, as their goal is to rent the cars again as soon as possible. Therefore, you are recommended to inspect the vehicle for signs of minor damage like dents and small scuffs.

Have a good look at the automobile before signing the rental agreement. Also, take some photographs with your phone to use as evidence. By photographing the damage, you reduce the risk of being held responsible for damage you have nothing to do with.

Final word

There is an abundance of car rental agencies in the United States.

Make the right choice of company!

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