Plan A Route In Apple Maps

How Do You Plan A Route In Apple Maps?

Apple initially released its own maps app in 2012 to replace Google maps on their devices. It is called the Apple Maps Route Planner or Apple Maps for short. Google maps have been on the market longer and have far more experience, depth, and data at first, but Apple has constantly updated and enhanced Apple Maps to better suit their users’ travel and route needs.

Apple Maps Features

There are a lot of valuable features in Apple Maps guaranteed to help every user’s route plans. We’ll go through a brief overview of some of them.

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1. Transit Information

Apple Maps will let you in on a lot of transit information like schedules and directions transits will take to make sure that you catch that bus on time. If some transportation modes don’t support your location, Apple Maps will link you to other apps to assist you.

2. Multiple Devices

Like all other Apple-made apps, you can use Apple Maps across all your Apple devices. Even if you plan your route on your Mac, you can also access it on your iPad or iPhone.

3. Landmarks

Apple maps will show you search points of interest like famous coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and more. You can save these locations if you want to check them out later.

4. Siri Integration

This is a unique feature of Apple Maps because it is, by far, the only map that can be integrated with your device’s Siri.

5. Thorough Navigation

Apple maps have gone through so many developments. The app can now show you various road waypoints, road alternatives, 3D cities and building views, address details, and even excellent audio instruction. Those are only some of the things it offers to improve your navigation experience!

Plan A Route In Apple Maps

Planning a Route

For user convenience, Apple has made Apple Maps pretty straightforward. You can simply type or select the destination you want to go to, and the app will show you the directions and other necessary details.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can plan your route on Apple Maps, especially if you are using a Mac:

Configure your default route planner settings

You can fully adjust your Apple Maps settings for particular trips. Open the app and click Maps > Preferences. After that, you can now choose the transport type and check the default options for driving, cycling, or transit.

Create a route

You may use the Search box to identify your destination’s location, or you can choose from your guides or favorites. Once it is displayed on the map, you can click on it to show the details of the location. After that, click Create Route From Here and then type the destination name in the To box. There will be suggestions you can choose from. Once you finish looking for the destination, route options will show on screen with their distance and travel time.

We are all way past using printed maps. Digital route planners are more thorough and reliable now, and one of your best options is Apple Maps. Use and maximize it for planning your next trip using iPhone 13!

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