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Technological Competencies with Computer-Based Test

The year 1990 was a game changer for the technological domain. This had adverse impact on the HR along with testing practices. One of the significant achievements was formulation of a computer based test that has emerged in current times. This is driven by coverage and speed of the computer technology. In fact company costs have gone on to reduce considerably. This has led to a situation where companies are able to cash in on the advantage and work on the module of computer driven technology.

The pointers to keep in mind with computer based tests

In spite of the benefits of computer based tests there are some pitfalls. There are some glitches to address.  A series of blunders along with doubts have emerged on the way in terms of efficiency delivery in comparison to the manual process of sitting for tests.

Numerous questions were asked for the negative impact of these tests, the reliability in terms of test delivery or be its psychometric quality. A lot of problems have also emerged as far as the testing centres along with platforms are concerned.

Apart from that there have been complaints about the negative impact of the weather on such technology along with other testing biases. These tests have a hefty price bracket and work out to be a lot expensive as compared to the manual methods of and the main reason is the used of advanced technology.

An increase in the demand of such tests has taken a toll on the developers forcing them to pump up the speed and produce viable results with stringent security measures. While undertaking them they are expected to maintain the speed along with reliability of the testing procedures.

Computer based tests work out beneficial for someone who is technologically savvy and are comfortable using computers rather than sticking to the traditional paper and pen format. But this could turn out to be a liability for some people who are not so good in handling of computers.

The benefits of computer based tests

The benefits of computer tests are as follows:

  • The test terms are easy to understand and follow through. A faster access to the test results is provided and the scores can be checked online or follow a particular method of computer based tests
  • The interactive features make it easy to monitor such tests in the form of an online timer that can help you track your time to take such tests. This is in line with help functions that enables you to take the test in a breeze
  • For audio tests you might need head phones that might require you to listen individual recordings or instructions, it is possible to adjust the volume and even go on to play them back over and over again when necessary.
  • It is possible to edit the answers there on the screen and then redo without any efficiency where the integrity of such tests are compromised. The nature of such tests is that it is convenient and not going to take a lot of time.
  • These tests can be accessed online anytime and in a more regular fashion rather than waiting in line for manual tests. Visualization and simulation have gone on to increase test proficiency along with adaptability. Examinees are also given well – articulated images with high resolution providing more information on the test items
  • By these tests it is possible to figure out the abilities, aptitude along with performance results that is obtained from such tests. This is in sharp contrast to what a manual test can achieve. Cost effective and speedy as it goes on to reduce the time for test administration or be it evaluation or even to report scores.
  • When real time assessments are provided with audio or video phone simulations or trial recordings as and when applicable, does help the employees along with other industries go on to figure out human interactions along with assessing the expertise and skill sets of the employees.

The safety along with security outlined by computer based tests is what makes people confident about these tests. Computer based tests are also referred to as computer adaptive tests and they have gone on to come a long way. In a way this was an end product of the research work that was done by a team of IT specialists.

Computer Based Test
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Most of the reliable testing facilities have gone on to incorporate computer based testing programs as part of their organization structure and from a scholar’s point of view this is a large scale shift as far as the testing standards are concerned. There is constant research or even testing shape as far as the future is concerned with computer based tests.

This might not seem to be a perfect system altogether but it is a lot better than the manual methods in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability.  These are the prime qualities that make computer based tests a far better option when you compare it to manual based tests.


Research experts in terms of computer assessment tools have gone on to come a long way since their emergence in the 1970s.  In fact even the paper based assessments have gone on to be computerized for modern form of computer testing. This is an emergence of the trend that was witnessed in the period of 1940s and 1950s. This was the point of time where paper based tests were at a strong phase.

The use of computer based tests provides a fair reliable accurate measure of results. This is seen in most of the IT companies. The growth has gone on to spread like fire like most of the experts go on to claim it. This has led to a situation where platforms have gone on to emerge leading to better evaluation models and the programs are expected to operate in a smooth and efficient manner. An extensive exposure to various types of stimulus make computer based tests the present and the future.

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