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The Best Dirt Bike Mods Of 2022

The decision to modify your dirt bike offers many benefits, such as improved performance, speed, and enhanced durability. It also allows you to grow your skill set by creating a ride that challenges you.

If you are at a point where you feel that your current ride does not respond well to your ever-expanding skills, performing an upgrade on it is the way to tap into its unleashed potential. At a glance, the cost of dirt bike modifications may appear intimidating, but you don’t always have to bust your budget to give your bike an extra edge. Especially if you want to have a custom look with high-quality dirt bike graphics, you may consult and seek help at Senge Graphics. It’s always good to know what you need to know about buying a motorcycle.

At, you will find quality bike parts that will go up to your bike to the level you wish. Be it motocross games, rigorous trails, or simply for having fun with your friends. So, whatever type of rider you are, racer or trail rider, here are some recommendations of the best bike mods to try in 2022 to customize your dirt bike.


1. Suspension

This is an essential component of any dirt bike. Having good suspension on your bike ensures you get a smooth and comfortable ride. Your bike can absorb and endure the amount of shock experienced during a ride.

Upgrading to a more improved suspension system gives an instant improvement to your dirt bike. You will be able to experience smoother rides, which directly improves your riding experience, as you can ride for longer with minimal to no discomfort.

Some crucial parts that make up the suspension include triple clamps, fork seals, linkage, and shocks. Look out for all these parts when you decide to change the suspension of your bike.

2. Intake System

The intake system’s role is to make sure that there is clean and steady airflow that mixes with the fuel and burns for the engine to function. It constitutes the air filter and airbox. And this is the heart of your dirt bike, and without it, the bike cannot run. Considering the conditions in which dirt bikes are used, it is not a surprise that their air filters will regularly clog up. Therefore, cleaning them regularly is essential and so is replacing them from time to time.

Without a well-functioning intake system, your dirt bike will not run efficiently. Upgrade to a system with an improved combustion cycle to get more from your motor. Depending on the type of bike you have and what you hope to achieve, you can either use 2 or 4 stroke motors.

3. Exhaust System

Even the best dirt bikes sometimes do not come with a unique exhaust system. It is, because of this that many consider upgrading it after some time. However, if you are changing the engine or increasing horsepower, the upgrade needs to be done much sooner.

Go for an exhaust system that releases fumes quickly and as efficiently as possible to ensure optimal engine function. Not only will this improve the engine’s horsepower, but it will also greatly influence the appearance of your bike, as well as how it sounds.

Others mods you can consider include: changing the chain or sprocket and getting quality bike controls. All these upgrades will guarantee an improved riding experience while ensuring you get the most from your dirt bike.

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