Reasons to Buy a Used Rental Car

5 Reasons to Buy a Used Rental Car

Many people are worried about the thought of buying a rental car when a fleet sells some of its stock. There are always rumors about the way that rental cars get treated, and everyone can think of movies where they have seen rental cars abused and damaged. However, this is not how the real world actually works, and you might be surprised at all the reasons why a rental car can be a great choice for your needs.

If you have been shopping for cars and are deciding if you should consider a rental car when you are test driving, you should keep reading. We will talk about the reasons that you should definitely put that luxury rental car on your list of options and why this is a really good purchase for your needs.

If you are ready to learn more about the reasons that you might want to buy a used rental car, you need to read on!

Reasons to Buy a Used Rental Car

1. Great Maintenance

While these cars might have been driven more than privately owned cars that are traded into a dealership, they have to be meticulously maintained by the companies that own them. You will also be able to get all of the maintenance records for the life of the vehicle from nearly every rental company that you might buy from.

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The maintenance on rental cars is well above the average maintenance that is done on cars that belong to a private owner. While you might stumble across a really well-maintained car when you are looking at trade-ins for cars that are being sold privately, this is usually a matter of luck. When buying from a rental agency, you can count on maintenance being done and being documented thoroughly.

2. Nearly-New Cars

Sometimes car rental agencies buy cars that just don’t get used enough in their fleet. This means that you might be able to access a car that is less than a year old for a much-reduced price. This car might have more miles on it than a car that you got as a trade-in at a dealership, but the car might still have that new car smell and feel.

When you buy low mileage trade-ins at a dealership, you will pay for the relative lack of use of the vehicle. This can make trade-ins that were made within the prior model year almost as expensive as new vehicles. Rental cars that have been offered up for sale will have the rental car markdown and be just as new and fresh as these other vehicles but offered at a reasonable price.

3. All the Extras

Most rental car companies spend the money to have all the extras added to the cars in their fleet. This means that when you buy a used rental car, you will probably get access to all of the extras that you would probably not want to pay for when buying a new car. You might have an improved sound system, heated and cooled seats, navigation, and things like TV screens in vans and large SUVs.

When you buy from a rental car company, these extras are not included in the cost of the purchase as they would be at a dealership. You will get all of the extras without having to pay for them! This can be a really nice benefit if you really want to spoil yourself but want to save a few bucks while you are at it.

4. No High-Pressure Sales

No one likes to be pressured to buy a car. Buying any car at a dealership can lead to this feeling of intense pressure to buy that does not allow you time to consider your purchase carefully. When you purchase from a rental car agency, you will not have to haggle, and you will be able to take your time deciding to buy in most cases.

Being free of the really uncomfortable and aggressive sales tactics of car dealerships can make the buying process much more pleasant. It is also really nice to be able to feel sure about your purchase since you were able to think about what you wanted to do before you actually put down money for a new car.

Reasons to Buy a Used Rental Car

5. Lots of Colors and Styles to Choose From

When large lots of cars are sold by rental car agencies, you might have access to various levels of luxury in the same vehicle model as well as lots of different choices for paint and interior. There might be a whole list of cars of the same type with different paint colors, interior options, and package levels for you to look at.

This can make your shopping process really fun and simple, and you can see all of the cars that you were thinking of buying in one place at one time. This is not always the case, but when you do have the option to shop this way, you might want to jump on it!

Buying a Rental Car Can be Easy!

If you have been worried about whether or not you want to consider rental cars for your next vehicle purchase, you should feel more secure about that choice now. This is a great way to pick up a car that will be just like new and have all the features and options that you could have ever wanted. Being able to save money and get a car that is practically new for you and your family is a big benefit to buying a rental car.

Rental cars are often used for less than a year before they are sold by the companies that have invested in them. You will be able to get a car that is like new for a price that does not break the bank when you look at used rental cars. This can be the best way to get a car that is like new and has all the features that you were hoping for!

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