Top Ways to Reduce Wastewater Generation

Freshwater is one of the most precious resources on earth. Everyone can take benefit from its preservation. There are many ways in which we can reduce its wastage. There are many inefficiencies that we need to overcome to ensure that we intelligently use this rare source of life. Wastewater generation is increasing at an astonishing rate in all parts of the world. Let us have a look at ways in which we can reduce wastewater generation in our daily lives.

Avoid Using Dishwashers

Dishwashers may seem to be harmless when it comes to wasting water. However, studies show that they are also responsible for a lot of wastage. A study conducted in Europe revealed some startling facts. When the Europeans hand-wash their utensils, it consumes around 4 gallons of water requiring 1.5 kWh energy to pump it out.

On the contrary, when they use the dishwashers, they use about 27 gallons of water that needs 2.5 kWh of electricity. Therefore, when you are using dishwashers, they only result in more wastewater. Thus, it is not eco-efficient to use this machine for washing your utensils.


There is another benefit of hand-washing the utensils. You know the amount of water that you are using. Therefore, you can determine the amount of wastewater because of the washing of utensils by hand. Thus, you can make an impact by saving the water and using it sparingly. Also, instead of relying on a dishwasher, you can clean every corner of a plate knowing what you missed.

Choose Products that Can Be Recycled

Many manufacturing processes require a lot of water. Therefore, one way of reducing wastewater is by using the products that can be recycled. Industries create a lot of water pollution. This polluted water goes into rivers and other freshwater sources to pollute them. Also, sometimes companies are not using it in their manufacturing processes. However, when they produce some product, they send the liquid waste containing hazardous chemicals out of the factory premises mixing it into the sources of freshwater.

However, when you are not using products that cannot be recycled, you are doing the environment a big favor. It is working in the environment’s favor in two ways. First, it is reducing the amount of water required to manufacture that product. Also, the businesses producing it do not need to redo it and drain their toxic wastes out into freshwater sources. They seldom use any proper waste disposal methods that can result in less pollution.

Spend Less Time in Showers

Showers are also responsible for the waste of this precious resource. We must only use the shower when are standing below it. Many times we are not just bathing, but it is already going to waste.

There is a behavioral wastage associated with showering in the bathroom. Research indicates that around 20 percent of the time we are just wasting it. Therefore, one way to overcome the wastage in the shower is by only turning the tap on when we need to take a bath.

Wastewater costs a lot of money. On average every minute of the shower running without using it results in a loss of 2.5 gallons. Therefore, we also need to change our attitude towards the way we take a bath and do not contribute to this wastage.

Build Rain Barrels

Rain barrels offer a great way to contribute towards the environmental friendly usage. They help us conserve the potable supplies. Also, we can save the energy that we need to drill water out of the ground.

Many areas that receive plenty of rainfall can rely on this source for their daily chores to perform activities like gardening and cleaning.

The use of rain barrels helps clean many of the toxins in the soil. These dangerous chemicals that rain barrels help clean include fertilizers, pesticides, oil, and other contaminants. The reduction in these pollutants dramatically helps ward off many of the ecological disasters waiting to unfold.

Awareness and Conservation

No amount of conservation efforts can help overcome wastewater unless we make efforts to increase water awareness.

rainbarrel water conservation
Rain barrels are excellent tools for water conservation

The water conservation directives must involve a public effort, communicating about the massive amounts of government’s funds needed to overcome this problem. The involvement of the community will help overcome the behavioral aspect of the wastage.

There is a difference between water needs and wants. When it comes to need, we have to use it to overcome them. However, when it comes to wants where it is an only waste, we must abstain from it.

Communities must establish guidelines relating to lawn watering so that everyone can know the responsibility they have to shoulder.

The local authorities must promote those kinds of plants, vegetation, and grasses that can tolerate drought conditions.

Also, the local authorities must even let the community know how the conversation helps benefit everyone. Therefore, everyone knows and can relate to the gains that they can have.

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