Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent to Buy a Final Expense Policy

A final expense insurance policy is different from a regular type of insurance policy. It tailors towards providing end-of-life financial support predominantly to middle-class and economically weak seniors. The policy types, benefits, payments, terms and conditions vary based on providers and other influential factors.

Purchasing final expense policy may not be easy, especially if you’re unfamiliar with it. You’ll need the assistance of an expert agent from reputed insurance websites. You can hire them in person, or you could read their reviews on dedicated sites. The former option is, however, better to gain a multitude of benefits. The vital thing to remember is to hire an independent agent.


1. Gaining True Independence with Independent Agents

According to expert insurance agents, like Gary Cubeta from Insurance for final expenses, the final expense insurance market is a competitive one. The competition has made many companies hire agents specifically to sell their products. Independent agents don’t align themselves with any company, unlike the former. This non-alignment will give you a host of benefits while buying your burial insurance policy.

2. Extensive Product Knowledge

Every insurance agent must have the aptitude to understand the myriad of policies and their clauses. Dependent agents, however, focus primarily on the policies their company has to sell. This approach can lead to tunnel vision on their part, impacting their overall expertise in the field.

Independent agents don’t have such restrictions. They voluntarily scrutinize policies across the field as they don’t have to answer to a company. This examination process endows them with improved experience and knowledge compared to the former. Such broad horizons will benefit your decision-making process when buying a policy.

3. Clear and Honest Communication

People skills are a necessity for any insurance agent. It is what allows them to connect with their prospective customers and convert interest into purchase. Both dependent and independent agents can do this well, but with a difference.

With the dependent types, you are aware that their provider influences the information provided. They could spill half-truths and hide critical bits of information about the policies. You will be less inclined to clarify your doubts when this happens.


An independent insurance agent doesn’t have such zippers pulling their lips shut. They will be able to rectify every doubt of yours about every policy there is without obfuscation. You can build a better rapport with them and gain confidence in your potential choice.

4. Better Personalization

Many of the insurance products in this space offer flexibility in their criteria and clauses. A proficient agent will be able to spot such flexibility and exploit them to your benefit. This proficiency helps tremendously to personalize the policy to your needs.

This personalization could come in the form of premium variations, medical criteria waivers, selection of the appropriate final amount, selecting multi-state policies, etc.

Independence for an agent will allow them the freedom to make such changes. A dependent agent forcibly pushes policies to maximize profit for the company they represent. This independence will save you money and get you better payouts.

Final expense insurance could very well be the last big decision of your life. An independent insurance agent will ensure that it will be for your benefit only and not the insurance company.

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