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9 Top Tools to Help You Become a 3D Printing Pro

3D printing has been gaining momentum over the last few years and more people are moving to it for many items that they use. In this article, we will discuss some of the tools which are helpful in 3D printing as a Pro. Certain tools can make your life easier while using 3D printers. These tools can help you in fixing the 3D printer or improve the print adhesion or even help in removing the support material from the printer. These tools can come in handy and every pro should know how and when to use them.

3D Printer

If you are using it for the first time, make sure that you go through a 3d printing course for beginners. It will help you understand the various functions of the printer. These 3D printing tools can give you a good starting point and you don’t need to buy all of them in one go. To know more, check this guide to 3D printing.

Let us look at some of the 3D printing essentials which you can start with.

1. Masking Tape

This is commonly used for covering the print beds. It is the most basic thing for any 3D printing service and adding it to the print bed makes sure that the 3D printed objects are better adhered. The tape also prevents scratches on the print bed and makes it easier to remove the finished product.

The blue painter`s tape is the most commonly used masking tape. However, there are many other different types of tape available in the market. The width should be at least 50 mm.

2. Kapton Tape

This is a polyimide adhesive tape which is used to cover the print beds. Unlike the masking tape, Kapton tape can withstand high temperatures up to 400 C. It is specifically designed for the above purpose. It is also used to improve 3D print adhesion and to prevent warping.

It is mostly used when using an ABS filament, however, you can use the masking tape while using PLA as the Kapton tape is twice as expensive. It can come handy anytime especially with hotbeds.

3. Glue Stick

This is something you will easily find and can help improve 3D print adhesion. Using a water-soluble glue for the print bed is the best choice. It will improve the adhesion of the 3D prints instantly. The glue can also be applied to the making or the Kapton tape or even to the glass if the printer uses glass as the print bed.

4. Digital Clipper

A digital clipper can come in handy. It has many applications and can be used to check the precision of the printed product as well. It is not possible to manufacture products of the exact same size. This is where the clipper helps. It helps to get the exact measurement of the product and any changes which may be required.

5. Tweezers

You will need tweezers mostly to help manage the oozing filament. This prevents your fingers from burning. They can also help to clean the finished product from a 3D printer. You should buy a set of tweezers which should be of different shape and size.

6. Palette Knives

These knives come handy when you have to remove the product from the print bed. Sometimes they get stuck on the bed and have to be removed forcefully. If you are beginning then you will have to start with a flexible and a stiff one. These knives can come handy and are a must need for a pro.

7. Sandpaper

This is also an important tool to work on the 3D products. It is helpful in giving the final touches to the product. They are available in various grits. You can buy various grits of the sandpaper from 220 grit to the finer version of 1000 grit. It is also better to use known brands as the quality sandpaper wear off slower.

8. Pliers

The pliers are a useful 3D printing tool and it has many uses in 3D printing. It can be used to remove hard sticking prints and even to fix things on the 3D printer. You should always buy quality pliers which have rubberized and slip-resistant grip. The wire cutting pliers and noose needle pliers are a must-have.

9. Desiccant

The 3D printers filaments can absorb water over time and causes filament degradation. This is bad for 3D printing as it will create complications. When you store the filament, keep it with a bag of desiccant. They can absorb the maximum amount of moisture.


These 3D printing tools are important for anyone who wants to be pro. These tools will be handy and will help you create the perfect product. It is not required to buy all of them at the same time. Another important printer is the large format printer for architects and engineers. Buy few at a time and then increase your collection.

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