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Printing FAQs: Your Common Printing Questions Answered

Think about all the paper that is printed daily. Millions, maybe billions of copies, right? Now imagine a world without printers. It would be banal and quite frankly, rusty. People would have to spend days in pursuit of doing what our printers do in no time.

If you’ve had or dealt with a printer, you realize that it’s a difficult job to manage the printer. Several things can occur while you’re using a printer and in these cases, several questions might arise related to printers. Wouldn’t it be ideal if a place combined frequently asked questions (FAQs) about printers?

But then again, not everyone buys a printer because they still think that printers are useless. Printers can make your life easy in several ways:

  • They’re convenient
  • Create readable documents
  • Safe mode of transport
  • The print looks better

Printers are generally thought to be expensive. But this notion is not accurate since there are many places like printing Brisbane that sell high-quality printers at affordable prices.

1. My printer broke what I should do?

Printers breaking down are a common problem that people face. Since printers are used repeatedly, they may suffer from wear and tear, or they may require simple maintenance. But it doesn’t always mean that you lost your printer and now it’s good for nothing.

First, stop pressing random buttons. If nothing, this will break your printer further. The best decision is to shut the printer off so that the printer does not indulge in new tasks and you can do this by removing the plug or closing of the switch. At this point, the printer will stop working, and you can carefully examine it and diagnose the problem. If a paper has jammed, then you can pluck it out with ease.

Next, whip out your instruction manual. Printers come with a booklet that explains how they work, and in it, you’ll find common issues discussed. Sift through the pages and treat your problem accordingly. In case, you do not retrieve a manual then you can simply search for the manual online or try the company’s website that sold you the printer.

After this, you’re advised to refer to a professional. They’ll know what’s up and this way you’ll protect yourself from harm to yourself and/or the printer.

2. My printer prints too slow

That’s not something to stress over, relax. Did you know that you can speed up your printing speed by a considerable margin if you reduce the print quality? As we explained above, you can find how to reduce the quality of the print in your instruction manual and if you can’t find that then look online you’ll find plenty of websites that explain how to reduce printing quality.

3. Costs associated with printers are too much

It is true to a great extent that costs related to printers, for example, ink, cartridges, toners etc. can cost a lot in the long run. They may cost a lot, but you can change the cartridge type to benefit from bulk printing. For example, 250-plus page yield cartridges are considered to be ideal for bulk printing. It spreads your cost and gives you great results.

4. My prints aren’t exactly as I want them to be

It can take several days even to recognize such an issue. Let’s say you send out a large print of 500 pages. You may not notice it upfront, but upon close inspection, you’ll realize that the print has several flaws in it; therefore, the print cannot be sent ahead.

This leads to one direction: your print head is clogged. In layman terms, due to the printer not being used frequently, the ink has dried out and now all you receive are messy, spotty, or flashy prints that are unacceptable.

printing FAQs

A simple way to deal with this is to check the procedure on how to activate the utility program of your printer. This will cleanse all the dry ink from the printer, and then you can check the results by printing a single page. You can find how to turn on the utility program in your instruction manual.

But if you’re using Windows 7 then:

  1. Click start
  2. Devices, then printers/control panel
  3. Find the utility app

However, the steps do not apply to all the printers; they are subject to change as the version or brand of printer changes.

5. Printer says ink cartridge is empty, but I think it’s full

In most cases, you’re right. At the end of the day, printers are machines too, and they make mistakes. But how does one solve this issue? There have been various hacks and nicks that people have adopted to deal with this problem. A simple way is to reset your ink cartridge, and hopefully, this will stop your printer from sending out incorrect messages. You may also search the web on how to reset ink cartridge.

6. I need to add more text on a single page, but I don’t know-how

One easy way is to reduce the size of your text so it can comfortably adjust on one page. You’ll benefit from printing fewer pages, and this will save you effort, time and money.

7. My old neighbor has asked me to fix their broken printer, but I don’t know-how

It’s not that much of a problem since all you have to do is follow some steps. Elderly people are not equipped with handling technology that well and helping them out with their “broken printer” may just take you a couple of minutes.

First, check if they’ve plugged the printer or not. If yes, then check for paper. People usually forget to insert paper in the tray, and after leaving it empty, they think it’s broken. If all of these options go checked then see whether the connection between her computer and printer is perfectly linked and not unstable.

8. The best file format to submit a document I have for printing?

Generally, PDF is an acceptable file format that is often preferred in places such as offices, work, colleges, universities etc. as it makes them look classy and professional. And if you’re worried about changing the file type to PDF then don’t worry just change the file format from whatever it is to PDF.


Since people have begun using papers more often, printers have risen in number. It’s like they both go hand in hand. Of course, all of your questions cannot be covered in a single go, so if you have any further questions, please refer to your instruction manual or try surfing the web for solutions. But all and all, printers have several advantages that one cannot ignore.

Salman Zafar

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